Human rights groups urge to put a stop to accusing kids of witchcraft.

Human rights groups urge to put a stop to accusing kids of witchcraft.

Recently, some churches in the state have carried out serious campaign aimed at eliminating witchcraft in the society especially among children.

The Liberty Gospel Church under the leadership of Pastor – Lady Apostle – Helen Ukpabio on November 11, 2013 commenced a special deliverance session captioned, “

Worried by this campaign the groups, Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN) and Basic Rights Counsel (BRC) have called on governments and people across the world to help put a stop to this renewed witch-hunting in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Gary Foxcroft, the Executive Director of WHRIN, alleged that the latest crusade on this issue is a desire to continue to exploit the weak and vulnerable and “we call upon people around the world to contact the Cross River State Government and urge them to take action to stop this latest witch-hunt.”

Mr. James Ibor, the Director of BRC and a Human Rights Lawyer, further appealed for support to stop the flood of victims of this abuse that his organisation has to deal with.

“Cases documented by Basic Rights Counsel include ones where children have had a hot iron placed on them, oil poured over them or have been forced to drink dangerous concoctions in order to drive the “witchcraft” out. Some

Ultimately, he pointed out that the acts of hunting or chasing witches were illegal under section 216 of the Nigerian Criminal code.

“We therefore need all the support we can gather to put a stop to this campaign of terror”, Mr. Ibor concluded. 


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