20 Popular Yoruba Charms And Their Uses

20 Popular Yoruba Charms And Their Uses

The African culture is so fascinating and interesting although many view it as being backward and uncivilized.

20 Popular Yoruba Charms And Their Uses
A typical Yoruba charm

Although there are beliefs that the so called western science is well advanced and protected by patents that make it look more sophisticated. However, only a few of these African culture critics know that the western science also has its roots in the same principles as that of Africa.

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While most Africans use these powers for negative ventures, the whites glory in using the powers to invent stuff that bring about societal advancement. See below some of the popular Yoruba charms and their meanings below:

1. Ijaya

Literally, the word 'Ijaya' in Yoruba language means 'to frighten'. It is a charm used in frightening an enemy or an antagonist. It is also used in taking advantage of someone; the person keeps mute while you express your opinion and explore every good things to your advantage. It causes overwhelming fear unreasonably to human and animals.

2. Eru

This is closely related to 'Ijaya'. It means 'Fear'. If 'Eru' is placed on someone, he or she will be afraid of you forever when around your vicinity. Most armed robbers make use of this to make their victims afraid of them.

3. Mayehun

Mayehun simply means 'turn me down not'.  It is used when you want a person to grant your request after a command is made. Most men use it to woo a lady they really like but know she won't agree to have  arelationship with them. Some people also use it when requesting money from a miser, tight-fisted friend or wealthy man. The Mayehun formula goes with a simple incantation.

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4. Afose

This means 'to speak and it happens'. It is an advanced form of 'Ase'. It is usually prepared with black soap

and put inside an Animal's horn e.g Cow's, Antelope's, Cow' e.t.c Whenever Afose is used, the words spoken happens immediately or later in the future depending on the potency of the charm or the nature of the issue the Afose is addressing. Yoruba forefathers possessed some Afose to address nature elements such as rain, fire, outbreak e.t.c and on the negative size to curse.

5. Gbetugbetu

This is used to hypnotize people. When used, the person under the spell doesn't really know what he is doing. It is used in compelling people to do the most impossible things. Things they would naturally not do or refuse to do. It is somewhat difficult to prepare but there are some simple formulas too, however they also vary in degree of potency.

6. Olugbohun

It is called the 'sound picker'. This is believed to be a powerful spirit that picks whatever is said and makes it happen, if not immediately very soon. Most sacred spiritual places are always deserted because of this feature. No one gets angry because everything said in anger at that moment will come to pass no matter the magnitude, even if u mistakenly curse your children out of frustration. Now this is not a genie that will drop things physically in front of you, like food, wine and a flying carpet. However it will create a situation that will cause your request to be met. It is not kept in the house but far away in the bush and its consulted only once in a while.

7. Amudo

This is a charm used by men deliberately to have sex with a woman they think will naturally never want them to have it together.

Other Yoruba charms are: Aluwo, Egbe, Gbekude, Afeeri......Read more here.

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