Is the APC capable of leading Nigeria?

Is the APC capable of leading Nigeria?

There was a fallout at the National Assembly this week when the senators and members of the house of representatives elected their leaders. The All Progressives Congress (APC) thought they were going to have a stroll in the parliament, but they were shocked on the events that happened that day.

Is the APC capable of leading Nigeria?
Buhari and Tinubu

The intra-party crisis within the APC was reflected during the organised mock polls by the party with which some members were favoured. They compelled the dissenting ones to fall in line and get behind the party's chosen candidates.

They even tried to get the president to weigh in on the crisis. But they still couldn't fix it and they made a bad impression even though they won.

With the way things panned out the past few weeks and the way the APC managed the situation, does it show the APC are capable of leading this country?

One interesting thing to note about this controversy is the way the APC pursued their agenda. They picked the people they wanted as the Senate and President and Speaker of the House of Representatives and they tried to compel everyone to line up behind them without question. Ofcourse some of the lawmakers revolted.

How do you pick two men from the lot and strong-arm everyone else to follow them without their input in the decision making?

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The APC obviously wants to run a system where the party decides to do something and that's what everyone has to comply with. The party even said in a recent statement that the party is 'supreme'. That's not democratic.

It's dictatorial. It's the system the party has run at the state level and now that they're in charge of the federal government, they want to keep up the dictation. It doesn't work like that.

The APC is yet to steer the administration of Nigeria for 100 days and have shown signs of being autocratic.

This is not the change the Nigerian people want. We want a system where people follow due process and everyone gets a fair chance. Justice, fairness and equity are the pillars of democracy.

The APC is going to pull down their own government if they keep running their party like a dictatorship where everyone has to bow to a group of strongmen who have 'supreme' powers. That's not how we want our country to be run.

The party clearly was not founded on any solid principles or long term vision. Their objective was to wrestle power from the PDP. So while the PDP wobbled and grew weaker, they marched on and waxed stronger.

From the north to the south, they put heads together, chose a formidable candidate to challenge the incumbent and they all rallied round to back him up. They seemed united and they appeared to be cooperating to move the nation forward. So why can't they continue with that?

The APC hasn't demonstrated that they can manage success with this National Assembly crisis. What happened this week was completely avoidable.

What they should have done was nominate their own candidates and encouraged their lawmakers to choose whoever they want. After all, either way they get to keep the leadership since they've got the majority and any of their nominee who eventually wins it will be APC.

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The PDP wouldn't have had any real say in the outcome. They would just be there like tourists. But the APC tore at each other. They stopped looking at the bigger picture for a while and the PDP sneaked in through the backdoor to snatch a bit of the power.

It was pure naivety by the APC. It's not a good sign for a party that convinced people that it could run a better government.

The APC promised a change when they were campaigning. They constantly condemned the PDP for running a bad government and they made people believe they could run things better.

However, they have started on the wrong foot and a lot of people begin to doubt if the party is really any different from the one they booted out a few months ago.


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