Fans Call Stella Damasus A Sinner, See What She Did

Fans Call Stella Damasus A Sinner, See What She Did

Few days ago, popular Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, got everyone talking after she was spotted beside a swimming pool with a Bible.

Fans Call Stella Damasus A Sinner, See What She Did
Stella Damasus

The actress, who has been preaching about Christ lately is taking her time to tell whoever cares to listen about her new life. The actress, who took to Instagram to post the photo of herself reading a bible beside the pool wrote in the caption area that:

''Some people looked at me funny at the pool about three days ago. They kept starring at me and talking among themselves. I found out that they were almost stunned that someone will bring a BIBLE to the poolside to relax. So I thought to myself "if people can take magazines, novels and self help books to read and relax at the pool why can't I take my BIBLE?" Trust me I loved every minute of it and I started raising my hand from time to time whenever a verse hit me. At that point I really didn't care what they had to say and I still don't. So don't be surprised if you see me carrying my bible with me everywhere I go. If handbags, purses, sunglasses, accessories and different things can be trendy then I choose my bible to be my new trend. If you agree with me and you are not ashamed to carry your bible around, then take your bible to the least likely place and take a picture of yourself. Post the picture on your social media and ask your friends and followers to do the same. Let's make the bible trendy too and most importantly let's read it as we go along. This will be fun. #biblepic #biblechallenge #churchgal #Godpikin #iloveJesus #sdtheman #sdmonday #beinspired #bibletrend #bosslady''

However, the post got some of her fans on Instagram talking. Some claimed she was just showing off and that she is not fit to hold the bible due to her lifestyle. Some were also of the opinion that, she did the right thing and her post got them inspired. Well, it seems the actress didn't like some of the reactions she got on the post.

She took to her page few hours ago to address some of her fans (who she called bloggers). The actress obviously finds the comments insulting, a development that led to her sending the second post in response to those that called her a sinner. She re-posted the photo again with the caption: 'So i just got information that some bloggers have been going crazy because of my post with my BIBLE. According to them, I am too sinful to carry the bible or talk about God. When I found out that these people live in Nigeria I was wondering how my love for God and his word was more important to them than the crisis facing the nation that they should be talking about. Instead of me to get angry, I rejoiced and praised my God because I realized that the enemy cannot handle where God is taking , me and the blessings that are coming my way, so he is doing all he can to push my buttons. This is my response "you are messing with the wrong person so stop wasting your time". To all those who feel ashamed or are worried about spreading the good news of Christ because of what people may say; don't let the enemy shut your mouth. Don't let him put fear or intimidation in front of you. Don't let him stop you from carrying out your assignment. Most importantly, let God fight your battles but keep spreading his word regardless. #blockoutthehaters #iamtooblessedtobestressed #Godpikin #iloveJesus #annointed #childofGod #princessinhiscourt

Not long ago, the actress talked about how she likes quality sex.


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