Italy Rescues Pregnant Boko Haram Victim

Italy Rescues Pregnant Boko Haram Victim

 A picture has surfaced of Sandra Dike, a heavily-pregnant Nigerian woman, who said she ran away from Boko Haram attacks in the country, alongside over 3, 500 others who were rescued by the Italian Government on Friday.

3,600 migrants including Dike were rescued from overcrowded boats sailing from Africa to Europe in the last 48 hours, with the Coast Guard in Catania, Sicily, explaining that most of the migrants (Somalians and Nigerians) were picked up by the British warship HMS Bulwark.

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According to him, more than 600 migrants were brought ashore at the port of Catania in Sicily, while rescuers reportedly plucked another 2,500 from rickety boats off the coast of Libya.

He explained further that Dike, 20, said she left Nigeria because of the danger of attacks by the armed Islamist group Boko Haram, and would have stayed in Libya but for the unrest in the country.She said: “It is not safe to go to a public place, like a church, the market. Boko Haram may bomb the place at any time. The war in Libya is worse and that is why we decided to come to Italy".

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The coast guard official, according to Vanguard, also revealed that a German ship, Italian navy vessels, a merchant ship, and Italy’s finance police and coast guard were among the rescue team on Friday.

Recall that a Boko Haram survivor recently explained how she was flogged everyday for 11 consecutive months.


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