Melaye Calls for Anti-Corruption Protests in London, New York

Melaye Calls for Anti-Corruption Protests in London, New York

Dino Melaye has already started an international mobilisation protest against the alleged tepid attitude of the Federal Government in the fight against corruption. As the first step, he has gone out of the country seeking the support of Nigerians in the Diaspora to participate in the protest by his Anti-Corruption Network on the streets of London in United Kingdom and New York in the United States.

In a statement for the Abuja newsmen, issued in New York on August 13, 2013, by the former member of House of Representatives, he expressed worry that some Ministers who had been indicted by six different reports but still serving in the present government have no business being in the cabinet and should be sacked.

He said, “Corruption in Nigeria is endemic, systemic and becoming contagious. If we want to rescue our country, we should stand up without fear or Favour, the fear of consequences and fight corruption headlong because we don’t have any other country we call our own apart from Nigeria. We must do everything to rescue this country from the hands of these economic cankerworms and financial scavengers.

“So in essence, I was in London last week and now in New York. What we are doing is global networking to host an anti-corruption protest here in New York. We have served the government of America a letter to get their permission to organize a massive protest that will internationalize the corruption in Nigeria and also help in fighting corruption.

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