Photos: Man Trekking For Buhari Arrives Abuja

Photos: Man Trekking For Buhari Arrives Abuja

Suleiman Hashimu also called 'The traveller' has arrived Abuja this evening.

Recall that Suleiman had promised to trek from Lagos to Abuja if the then All Progressives Congress Presidential candidate. Rtd. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari wins the 2015 Presidential election. He however started his journey when General Buhari won the election. He has however arrived Abuja this evening after trekking for many weeks.

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The 33-year-old solo trekker arrived Lapai in Niger state three days ago amidst a befitting welcome from the people of the state. He lodged at the Lapai palace and had to pass two nights there to treat injuries to his legs caused by the long trek from Lagos. Pictured below  is Suleiman wearing the red shirt and carrying a strap bag. He was given a rousing welcome by Abuja residents.


According to an eyewitness, the presence of Suleiman in Abuja attracted traffic.The bike men in town were busy displaying their riding skills while hundreds of onlookers stood by to give him a rousing welcome.

When asked why he had embarked on such a mission, Suleiman said he wanted to fulfil a promise he made two years ago.

“I made the promise for this mission to show my love for the leader of the masses, General Muhammadu Buhari, and for the 13-day journey I have embarked upon, I have condemned five pairs of canvass shoes.”

“I made adequate financial provisions for cross-country trek, but since my journey started, I haven’t spent anything from the money since I’ve been warmly welcomed in every town or village I’ve had passed”, he added.

Hasheem, who is on a record breaking mission, is, however, not aware if Buhari knows of him but with his mission aimed at getting to Abuja before May 29 to celebrate with the new president at his inauguration ceremony, there are high chances of Hasheem meeting with the president-elect.


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