Lagos Governorship Race: Ndi Igbos Choose The APC

Lagos Governorship Race: Ndi Igbos Choose The APC reader Sunday O. Mmarisagba in his contribution calls for Ndi Igbo people to make the right choice at the coming Lagos governorship race claiming that "Lagos is our second home". What, in his opinion, should be this choice?

It is a fact that a good name is better than gold. The positive decision we are making today might turn out to be potent to the extent that our children yet unborn will continue to relish in it as long as they’ll inhabit Lagos.

Lagos as we know is our second home. To some of us it is even the first home, because we only visit our ancestral home to celebrate this or that event. The majority of Ndi lgbos in Lagos do not spend up to 30 days in a year in the East. The people of Lagos have always been so nice, kind and accommodating to us. After the civil war, our parents came to Lagos and all their properties were returned fully back to them. Some were even given rents collected in their absence. We did not receive such kindness from Port Harcourt which was regarded as ours. The rest is now history about our experience in Port Harcourt, and up to now we do not have any firm footing in Port Harcourt, a city developed from scratch by our parents. Compare that to what we get from ndi ofe nmanu.

My dear brothers and sisters, ndi ofe nmanu kakwanu nma kara ndi na akpo gi uneghe, nwa isuama, nyamiri. They did not spill our blood as we have experienced from other tribes in Nigeria. Ebe onye bi Ka onawachi. Ako bu ije. Ama aghara bu uto. Okuko anaghi echefu onye foroya odudu na udunmiri. This is the time to show that we respect the opinion of our landlord. All over the world, no tenant will stay a day longer if he disrespects the landlord. Our landlord has a problem and he is convinced that with us on his side he will overcome, and thereafter we all will benefit together. I do not see anything wrong with the proposal.

Igwe bu Ike. Gidi gidi bu ugwu Eze. This is the time to prove to our chief host that we can work together, be bonded together, that we can trust each other to the extent that we can swim together and sink together. David of the Bible did exactly the same. And if we claim to be David's why can't we behave like him? Our time is coming when we shall ask for the leadership of this great country, because Akanri kwo aka ekpe, aka ekpe a kwo Akanri. If we are bonded with the powers in Lagos and by extension the West, it will be very easy to get their confirmation and approval to carry on, because there will surely be obstacles on the way to our presidency. Moreover, what they are asking us to do is also for our overall benefit since over 50 % of our investments in Nigeria are in Lagos.

Obiara be onye abiagbuleya anawa nkpu kpu apunaya. Granted, we were provoked by the lack of tact, diplomacy, excellent presentation of request by the chief host, which may also be due to the perceived non-cooperation between the guest and the host. Let's remember that echi di ime. Onu kwuru njo ga ekwu nma. As far as we are concerned, we will never leave Lagos for anybody whatever the reason is. But we must continue living in peace with our host. Therefore, onye ya na nwanne ya nachu muo anaghi asi na ona esi muo muo. We should be our brothers’ keepers. Ndi Igbo ge nu nti. We must work together with our chief host in order to secure our investments and lay a solid foundation for our children to reciprocate at the appropriate time.

Our brothers back home have been supporting the PDP in the last 16 years, but we all know that there is nothing to show for it. In the West and Lagos in particular, we can point at things we may not enjoy if we are back home. Do not let Lagos be an opposition state otherwise we all shall be losers. The southeastern states have been in the mainstream of the PDP-led government in the past 16 years, and they haven’t achieve anything. How then do we think the PDP will suddenly work miraculously in Lagos?

The Igbo nation is prosperous because of what we have been able to do in Lagos. The more Lagos is built on a solid ground, the better for Ndi lgbo. Don't get me wrong, l am not a politician, but I am old enough to know what is good for my people. Please, pass this message to as many Ndi-lgbo as possible so that we will continue to be tops in Lagos and Nigeria. Let's vote for the APC come Saturday, April 11, 2015. Let's make history that will be useful both today and tomorrow. God bless Ndi Igbo.

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