Asari Dokubo Praised Jonathan

Asari Dokubo Praised Jonathan

Unshakable supporter of the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan Asari Dokubo, has supposedly accepted the victory of the opposition leader General Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday's presidential poll.

Asari Dokubo, who is the leader of the now rested Nigeria Delta People's Volunteer Force, earlier had separately promised that the nation will boil if Jonathan is lost the election.

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Meanwhile, hours ago, he took to twitter to disclaim his favorite presidential aspirant.

The controversial NDPVF leader denied that it was Goodluck Jonathan who created him, emphasised he was not in position to make friends with ANY government.

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Later Dokubo shared a post on Facebook, saying that Twitter account didn't belong to him.

He wrote: "There is a tweet circulating and trending right now purportedly ascribed to me....This tweet is not from me...I had never supported any government in the Nigerian state before the government of my brother Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan...My position on the independence and restoration of the stolen sovereignty of my country will never never be negotiated away....Let it be known by the creators of these cowardly tweet that treachery is not part of mine DNA."

It should be noted that while Nigeria's electoral commission is yet to announced all results, President Jonathan has already congratulated his key opponent Muhammadu Buhari with winning the presidential seat.

The latest result realising by commission showed that Buhari overcame the current leader of the country with up to three millions votes.

There were concerns that Buhari failed to secure 25%+ in 10 states so far. However, it seems Nigeria has a new president.


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