Top Points Of 2015 Buhari’s Campaign Promises (Part 2)

Top Points Of 2015 Buhari’s Campaign Promises (Part 2)

Four days before the presidential election gathered the key promises of one the main contenders General Muhammadu Buhari from the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC). And if he wins this weekend, Nigerians expect to see immediate action from day one from the Buhari/Osinbanjo-led government come May 29, 2015.

1. Infrastructure

The Buhari’s administration promises to create an enabling environment for all stakeholders with unprecedented rebuilding of Nigerian infrastructure, structures and systems.

2. The Environment

From protecting environment from pollution to restoring Nigeria ecosystems and investing in natural disaster solutions, Buhari’s government and APC leaders vow to working to address Nigeria’s biggest environmental challenges.

3. Politics and Governance

The APC said that Nigeria’s politics is broken. According to them, the nation urgently needs fundamental political reform and improvement in governance, more transparency and accountability.

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4. Security & Conflict Resolution

The party promises urgently secure the territorial integrity of the nation. It said never leave the defense of the nation in the hands of hunters, children, and civilian JTF.

5. Jobs & the Economy

Despite its significance to the national economy, the oil sector has not spurred real economic growth, has created very few jobs. Gen. Buhari and his team pledge to fight to strengthen country’s economy further and create jobs for Nigerians.

6. The Society and Human Capital Development

Buhari also promises to be focused on building the future of the Education, Healthcare, Youth, Sports, and Culture sectors; and will seek practical, valuable opportunities that empower and enhance the Women of Nigeria.

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7. Currency stabilization

The APC presidential candidate also said that he would ensure that the naira was equal to the dollar in value, if elected as a president.

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It should be recalled that after postponement of the poll General Buhari took 10-days to rest and to campaign in the United Kingdom. When the APC presidential candidate flew back to the country, he intensified his campaigning. Today, on March 24, Buhari visits Bauchi.

As the main challenges facing our country are the same, the promises of key presidential candidates are also very similar.

President Goodluck Jonathan, the current leader of the nation, also promised to stop insurgency, eradicate corruption and give jobs to the youth.


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