Twins and Big Brother or Triplets?

Twins and Big Brother or Triplets?

Ethan, Isabel and Arthur Preston are triplets; they were just born two years apart in Castle Vale, Birmingham, England, UK.

The miracle trio arrived after their mother Katie Preston anf father Matthew Preston started IVF treatment. They had struggled through five long years of waiting and hoping that one day they will be able to conceive a baby. And when they started to think that they would never be able to have children the fates gave them a present – three instead of one.

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When IVF failed to work the couple turned to ICSI – or intracytoplasmic sperm injection – where an embryologist chooses a sperm and injects it into an egg. This resulted in five eggs from the same menstrual cycle being fertilised and then frozen. One was immediately inserted into Mrs Preston’s uterus. Nine months later she became a mother for the first time.

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After a while the couple, who had always dreamed of a big family, decided to try again. And two years and five days after Ethan, she gave birth to babies Isabel and Arthur. Despite the time difference between the births, Katie says she and Matthew think of “their three little miracles” both as twins and a big brother and as triplets.

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“We gave everything to it – it was our whole focus. As a couple it can make or break you, and it can be very stressful at times. But the support I got from Matthew was amazing. At the moment Ethan is going through the terrible twos, and the babies are only three months old. But I know when they are older they will all have a special bond as triplets,” the happy wife and mother said.

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