World's Oldest Mother Tells Her Unbelievable Story

World's Oldest Mother Tells Her Unbelievable Story

Omkari Singh is thought to be the oldest mother in the world after she gave birth to twins  at the age of 70, Uttar Pradesh, northern India.

Now, six years later Omkari Singh reveals the struggles and joys of being an elderly parent. As it turned out one of the twins Barsaat, the girl, died at the age of four. Meanwhile the woman's son Akashvani is an ordinary healthy and playful boy who goes to school.

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Speaking about her unusual life the 76-year-old who is married to Charan, 89, says she could not be more happy than now. "Many people ask me, "Is he your grandson?" I tell them "No. He is my son".'I am very happy that I am a mother of a six-year-old son. It is an unexplainable feeling," Mrs Singh  said.

Already parents to two daughters and grandparents to five, the couple were desperate to have a boy - they buffalos, mortgaged their land, spent their life savings and took out a credit card loan to pay for IVF treatment.

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Omkari and Charna eventually succeeded when their eldest daughter was 50 years old. Nevertheless, an elderly mother knows that age is not on her side as she is struggling to keep up with her restless son.

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"I am not able to bath him properly. I have problems getting him dressed. It is hard to run around and feed him. Old age is like this." The 76-year-old hopes to live long enough to see Akashvani getting married and says, "I am not worried. After my death my daughter will take care of my son."

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