It Is Time To Impeach The President - The Nigeria Group

It Is Time To Impeach The President - The Nigeria Group

President Jonathan has come in for a lot of criticism during his administration of Nigeria, and  a group of intellectual and cerebral writers on Sahara Reporters have brought theirs forward and have called for the sack of President Jonathan. The group includes Theodore "Ted" Olisa, Dayo Coker and Ikemba Eze. 

In this piece on Sahara Reporters, the Nigeria Group calls for the impeachment Of President Jonathan and claims his government has apathy and lack of strong leadership.

Read their piece below:

Mr Jonathan must be impeached. This President has failed in one of his constitutional duties: the defence of Nigeria's sovereignty and the protection of all its citizens. Rather than brainstorm on how to strengthen our borders, his interior minister is busy organizing tragic interviews and perfecting ways to fleece citizens at the passport offices.

The recent Chadian military operation on Nigeria's soil shows that Nigeria has reached its nadir. A few days ago, Chad conducted military operations on Nigerian soil, killing tens of Boko Haram militants in what was a rare victory in the long bloody war against vicious militants in the North. As expected in an election year, the Nigerian military claimed credit for the success of the operation and reiterated its empty promise that the war on insurgency will soon be over.

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Two things stood out about this successful "Chadian" operation on Nigerian soil. First, it was a breach of Nigeria's sovereignty. Second, it basically established what has been public knowledge for some time - Nigeria's territorial neighbours who once looked up to the "Giant of Africa" no longer see it as a serious country capable of defeating a rag tag army of lunatic drug-addled insurgents.

While the dour armchair General Olukolade and his underlings tell us lies on television, Nigeria's regional neighbors have been holding strategy sessions, usually without the participation of our military top brass trying to fashion out a solution to this vicious cycle of terror that has ravaged the North-East.

Who would have thought the day would come when arid Chad of all countries, would unilaterally conduct operations on Nigerian soil. While this mission may have been successful, it shows the rapid decline in Nigeria's regional might. Our neighbors are now aware that our armed forces have become a cesspool of corruption and graft where generals embezzle funds and dispatch infantrymen into war zones without adequate equipment. No decision in our military is an objective one. All the strategic and procurement decisions are made based on the interests of our paunchy generals who buy fast food chains in Dubai and own lavish homes in the Palm Jumeirah.

The corruption is pervasive and endemic. In spite of all the billions of dollars spent by the Department of State Services, Directorate of Military Intelligence and the National Intelligence Agency, Boko Haram militants continue to have a field day while the vulpine Mr Ita Ekpeyong and the daringly decollete Marilyn Ogar rock the Abuja party circuit with their PDP Governor friends.

How many times has the bumbling Major General Minimah visited Maiduguri, yet he has the time to hobnob with Governor Godswill Akpabio in Calabar while poorly-equipped soldiers and lesser generals are slaughtered like sacrificial rams.

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But who is ultimately responsible for this sorry state of affairs? There is no arguing with the fact that Mr Goodluck Jonathan's apathy and lack of strong leadership has pushed Nigeria deep into this quagmire. The president has not led from the front. He has been content to look the other way while these misfits have basically destroyed the North-East. He might fancy dressing up in a general's uniform with all its fancy epaulets but the simple fact is that he lacks the ability to successfully prosecute a war.

The composition of the house has changed and the People' s Democratic Party is now in the minority. It is time for courageous lawmakers to launch a bipartisan initiative to impeach the president. They should not tarry. Tomorrow might be too late.

It will be recalled that in late 2014 the Senate called for the impeachment of President Jonathan.


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