Man's Mistress Writes Letter To House Wife

Man's Mistress Writes Letter To House Wife

We don't intentionally go hunting for your husbands, we meet them like you meet people everyday, through friends, at the supermarket, at work functions hell even on the side of the road.

We don't always know from the get go the man is married because a lot of these brothers don't wear rings or come with a stamp saying "taken". Half the time he's alone, there's no trace of you, even in his car! It takes a well trained eye to spot traces of another woman, e.g seatbelt perfume, weave strands, hair oil on the headrest, etc.

My job in your relationship is to give him a break from reality, yes you and the kids are real but so are the bills and school fees and work stress. I'm where he de-stresses. I know my place trust me I do, I know to keep quiet when you call while we together.

You don't know the effort we put behind our little rendezvous just to keep your pudgy ass happy, and feeling secure.Trust me the more u come after me the more he wants me, the more money he spends on me, the more intense our sessions get.

A true nyatsi will never ask him to leave you, instead she encourages him to stay with you even if you have messed up badly.

We never consider getting pregnant out of fear of having to deal with your sour face for the rest of our lives. So relax, your kids are priority numero uno, even to us, we pick out the toys and clothes he shows up with, we encourage bonding time.

Consider yourself lucky if u find my number, at least u know he's taken care of when u tired, and he's gonna come right back once we done re-furbishing my apartment. Oh and trust me, I do the fighting for us, its my job to make sure its just us two, any others will be dealt with severely by me, so don't ruin your manicure, I get a weekly one so its okay, let me do it.

I respect you, hence I stay away from family functions and make sure I take all my stuff out of the car when I was there,

I have my own things, the rest is just a bonus for having a kind and sharing attitude, I'm a professional with a great job

and earn enough, I don't have time to tend to a full-time relationship hence I don't mind when he goes home to you.

Don't ask about me, he's just going to lie and toss and turn in bed thinking about me in my victoria secret set he bought me for valentines day. Let me be, I will leave on my own accord one day.If you don't we might just trade places and you going to be saying "witchdoctors" or I consult babalawos, I don't, I would rather spend that money on expensive holidays with our man.

Truth is, I make him feel good, I'm a reminder of when he was young and I do all the things you are afraid to do, or just won't do because you believe you are past that, I'm forever young and I compliment him, u suit him, trust me honey there is a huge difference.

I respect marriage and all it stands for, that's why I'm doing my part to help yours stay together, so don't think I don't, I respect the nice thing you have done and I love your kids too much to hurt them. Don't cry over me, or what we do, let it be, play your part and I will do what I'm supposed to do.

Yours (and your mans)



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