Crazy Fashion: Reactions to Photos of Man Rocking 3 Pairs of Trousers at the Same Time

Crazy Fashion: Reactions to Photos of Man Rocking 3 Pairs of Trousers at the Same Time

If you thought the "weird jean" trend couldn't get any crazier then we are here to tell you that you thought wrong.

Back in 2018, British online fashion and cosmetic retail company, ASOS, released a pair of jeans that has not one, not two, but three waistbands.

Photos of a man rocking the triple pants trend.
The photos have generated reactions on social media. Photo credit: Satisfashion UG
Source: Facebook

Now, while that trend didn't quite pick up, it appears there are some people who are going out of their way to create their own crazy fashion trend.

Facebook user, Satisfashion UG, recently shared photos of a man rocking not one, but three pairs of trousers at the same time.

In the photos, the young man who is sporting a black bandana is seen on two different occasions rocking three pairs of trousers - all belted.

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See photos below:


See how some social media users have reacted to the photos:

Esther Nekesa Heavens:

"No way... madness nd we condem it."

Watson Kendrick:

"Yeah if it! cold outside And I need extra clothing."

Nalule Mary Immaculate:

"Please guys don't try this.Its weird!"

Mathias Sean Mayanja:

"Let this one pass."

Czar Samuel Watson:

"I sure am!!! This is SO my kinda thing."

Dave Gilbert:

"How can he even walk in these? Smh."

Nelson Wayas:


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