10 best Ghost Adventures episodes as rated by the fans of the show

10 best Ghost Adventures episodes as rated by the fans of the show

There are numerous intense TV shows out there, but very few can come close to the epic level of Ghost Adventures. The show is currently in its 25th season and follows Zak Bagan and his team as they try to collect evidence of paranormal activity in abandoned buildings. The best Ghost Adventures episodes have the perfect balance of suspense, humour and amazing storylines. At times, the buildings in question have scary histories that make for amazing viewing.

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With 25 seasons under its belt, Ghost Adventures has had its fair share of hilarious, scary, and downright shocking episodes.

The best Ghost Adventures episodes of all time

Here is a look at the ten best episodes of Ghost Adventures.

10. Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital (Season 18, Episode 12)

This one is shot at an inn housed in a building that was formerly a TB hospital. The backstory itself is already scary enough. The inn's owners have tragically lost two children, something Bagan and his team believe has to do with ghosts and spirits.

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Besides the scary story, what makes this one of the best Ghost Adventures episodes of all time is the way it deals with loss and grief. The crew later suggests that one of the deceased children is reaching out. The scariest part of the episode is when a recorder captures a screaming sound.

9. McPike Mansion (Season 20, Episode 17)

The McPike Mansion is an abandoned building located in Alton, Illinois. It is widely considered one of the scariest places in America. Besides Ghost Adventures, the mansion has also been featured in numerous other televisions shows.

The Victorian-style mansion has a deep history of paranormal activity and strange happenings. Some people posit that some cultic rituals took place in the mansion at some point.

8. Twin Bridges Orphanage (Season 13, Episode 8)

top Ghost Adventures episodes
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In this episode, the Ghost Adventures crew heads to Montana to investigate an abandoned orphanage. During the nighttime lockdown, one of the crew members sees a strange light moving across the room as another one attempts to communicate with a little girl's spirit.

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Since the orphanage opened its doors in 1884, there have been numerous strange deaths of little children.

7. Haunted Harvey House (Season 11, Episode 5)

It is always fascinating when the investigative team is allowed to investigate a creepy establishment. Haunted Harvey House features two well-known buildings in New Mexico. Like in other episodes, the apparent shadows moving across rooms make for some pretty scary viewing.

As the crew records, two shadowy figures whoosh across the room in one of the scariest episodes of ghost adventures. Additionally, the crew collects evidence of numerous voices in the room.

6. The Washoe Club: Final Chapter (Season 16, Episode 7)

The Washoe Club was originally featured in a 2004 Ghost Adventures documentary. Since then, two people involved in the original investigation have passed on, a fact that makes this episode creepier. The episode has intriguing audio evidence and some all too real visuals. A brief visit to a nearby candy shop provides some much-needed comic relief to the episode.

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5. Old Lincoln County Hospital (Season 11, Episode 4)

When the crew begins filming, the police arrive at the scene. One of the police commanders describes his account of paranormal activities at the building, a fact that makes the episode downright scary. This is one of the top Ghost Adventures episodes due to its excellent pace and storyline.

The crew also manages to capture the precise movements of a shadowy figure inside the building, making it one of the scariest ghost adventures episodes.

4. Lewis Flats School (Season 16, Episode 8)

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The investigators visit a school that burned down years ago. The team then goes straight to collecting evidence; a mix of audio spikes, intelligent responses and the classic staple of horror movies, the flickering lights.

The scariest moment is when the crew records a distinct shadowy figure behind one of the building's doorways. The team then leaves Aaron by himself in the building, where he is scared out of his wits by some recurring strange sounds.

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The scene of Aaron alone in the building makes Lewis Flat School one of the funniest Ghost Adventures episodes of all time.

3. Ireland's Celtic Demons (Season 10, Episode 5)

This two-hour Ghost Adventures special tells the story of Halloween's birthplace and even touches on the history of the hugely popular holiday. The team undergoes an entry ritual apparently designed to appease an ancient Celtic goddess.

The rich Irish heritage in this episode's setting makes for amazing viewing. Bagan and his team then record the image of a ghost in a doorway, lightly obstructed by whitish mist. They also get a shot of an SLS figure apparently resting on Aaron's shoulder.

2. Cerro Gordo Ghost Town (Season 22, Episode 03)

The team investigates a supposedly haunted and mysterious mining town known as Cerro Gordo. The name loosely translates to 'Fat Hill.' This 'ghost town' is located in the Inyo Mountains of California. Many murders happened in the town since it was a classic Old West location, complete with the mining accidents and high noon shootouts.

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1. Hell Hole Prison (Season 12, Episode 8)

top Ghost Adventures episodes
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Prisons have always been somewhat scary, purported paranormal activity or not. Guards and prisoners have been known to perpetrate violence inside prison walls, the perfect starting point of ghost stories. In Hell Hole Prison, a group of ghosts appear to be performing on stage and even respond intelligently to the team's communication.

The footage is profoundly strange and scary in an impressive kind of way. If you are a fan of paranormal television shows and films, you can understand why this is top on the best Ghost Adventures episodes list.

The best Ghost Adventures episodes from each season

Here is a look at the most intense episodes from each season of the hugely popular show.

  • Sloss Furnace (S1, E05)
  • Eastern St Penitentiary (S2, E06)
  • Linda Vista Hospital (S3, E06)
  • Yorktown Hospital (S4, E12)
  • Letchworth Village (S5, E10)
  • Rocky Point Manor (S6, E06)
  • Copper Queen and Oliver House (S7, E03)
  • Brookdale Lodge (S8, E07)
  • Tuolumne Hospital (S9, E03)
  • Hour 4 (S10, E04)
  • The Myrtles Plantation (S11, E02)
  • Lemp Mansion and Brewery (S12, E02)
  • Texas Horror Hotel (S13, E07)
  • Old Montana State Prison (S14, E02)
  • Return to the Riviera (S15, E04)
  • Twin Bridges Orphanage (S16, E09)
  • Silent Movie Theater (S17, E05)
  • Upper Fruitland Curse (S08, E02)
  • Cerro Gordo Ghost Town (S19, E06)
  • McPike Mansion (S20, E17)
  • Palomino Club (S21, E02)
  • Cerro Gordo Ghost Town (S22, E03)
  • Nightmare in Antelope (S23, E04)
  • Painted Lady Brothel (S24, E03)
  • Territorial Enterprise (S25, E04)

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The best Ghost Adventures episodes can leave you downright scared and somehow impressed at the feats the investigative crew achieves. Paranormal TV shows and films have long been criticised for being staged. However, the Ghost Adventures show makes for amazing viewing whether or not the viewer believes the happenings on the show.

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