Spotlight on Oguta Lake in Imo Where Two 'Angry' Rivers Flow Without Mixing up

Spotlight on Oguta Lake in Imo Where Two 'Angry' Rivers Flow Without Mixing up

It is a local adage in Nigeria that water has no enemy, but a body of water, in fact, a river in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, has brought into question the authenticity of this popular saying.

The Oguta lake, where two rivers don't mix up and many mysteries abound making it command some form of reverence in the South East and among Igbo people.

Mystery behind Oguta lake where two 'angry' rives flow parallel each other without mixing up
It is believed that the two rivers that flow side-by-side each other are man and wife who quarrelled Photo Credit: Kufo TV
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According to Wikipedia, the Oguta lake is the largest natural lake in Imo state. The Oguta lake is formed by clay, sand, and silt deposits that dammed the lower Njaba river, Imo as well as water inflows from Uju, Awbana and Urashi rivers.

It served as the Biafran army marine base

During the 3-year Nigerian Civil War, the lake provided a form of base for Biafran soldiers.

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Wikipedia reports that the lake was used as an army marine base by the Biafran army.

The mystery about two rivers in Oguta lake not mixing up

Pulse on-ground investigation revealed that the mystery of two rivers in the lake running parallel to each other exists.

The 8.05km long and 2.41 km wide lake has two rivers locals identified as Ogbuide and Urashi. One of the rivers flows in a brown shade, while the other is greenish in colour.

The story about why the rivers don't mix up

A boatman, Ekene, told Pulse that the rivers are believed to be a couple who had misunderstandings and haven't set aside their differences ever since hence, why they do not mix up.

The green river, Ogbuide, is believed to be the female and the brown, Urashi, the male.

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The geographic profile of Nigeria gathered that the mystery behind these waters have made them deities with locals creating two separate shines on both sides of the river where supplication and offerings are made to the 'river gods.'

Year in year out, the lake is a tourist attraction for people but no one can tell when the supposed issue between the two parallel rivers happened or if they would ever make peace.

Economic importance of Oguta lake

The lake is a source of food, transport as well as sustenance to Oguta residents and surrounding communities, Pulse reports.

Fishery is also a known business that thrives on the lake.

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