Two Old People Find Love Again in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Marry Themselves

Two Old People Find Love Again in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Marry Themselves

  • Two people, Jeannette and McFarlane, who never thought they would ever fall in love in their old age started a beautiful relationship
  • Seventy-one-year-old Jeannette and 68-year-old McFarlane fell in love with each other after they met onboard a luxury ship
  • After days of getting to know each other, they took the bold step and had a backyard wedding attended by family members

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Love happened again to 71-year-old Jeannette Sacquet in the most unlikely place. When she boarded the Queen Mary 2 luxury ship in January 2017, she never knew her life would change.

Ever since she became a single mother and divorced, the woman has been seeking fun through travelling around the world. She also spent her time socializing with friends at parties, CNN reports.

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They travelled around the world together.'
The two people's story shows love knows no age. Photo source: CNN
Source: UGC

From "hello" to forever

Jeannette had since abandoned the idea that she would ever find love again. Aboard Queen Mary 2 ocean liner, she was having breakfast with a group of travellers when she met 68-year-old Scotsman Graham McFarlane.

It should be noted that McFarlane’s wife had passed away seven years earlier. Despite saying just "hello" on their first meeting, the duo spent the next several days getting to know each other, Daily Advent reports.

A sweet love story ended well

Jeannette said she found him very good company. She added she never imagined they would have a romantic relationship until much later.

Even after the boat trip, they both kept in touch through FaceTime and met again physically as they went to beautiful places in the US.

In August 2020, the two had a simple marriage with few family members present.

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Two lovers reunited

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a video showed a couple who have been married for 73 years had an emotional reunion after being apart because of the COVID-19.

As the woman saw her husband, she opened her arms, repeatedly saying “Oh my God”. The joyful 96-year-old husband, Joseph, quickly wheeled towards his wife as he hugged her.

With their shaky hands, they stayed in each other’s arms as a sign that they have really missed themselves.


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