How to Pair Colours in Men's Clothing: Style Blogger Mubarak Shares 4 Interesting Tips

How to Pair Colours in Men's Clothing: Style Blogger Mubarak Shares 4 Interesting Tips

It is common knowledge that most men have little or no clue about how to rock colours in their personal style. If they aren't avoiding colours like it's a plague, they tend to abuse it by matching colours wrongly.

In this article, Nigerian fashion blogger, Mubarak, demystifies the rules of matching colours in the best way possible.

According to him, trying to figure out how to match colors in clothing can feel really confusing for a lot of guys.

Photos of Mubarak in different outfits.
The blogger shares ways to match colours. Photo credit: @themubaarak
Source: Instagram

He opines that there are some men who believe colors should be worn only in the warm weather months. However, others stick to a monochrome palette in their wardrobes not because they love neutrals but by default - they’re simply too freaked out to wear anything else.

Well, if you fall in any of these categories, you're in luck as the fashion enthusiast who boasts over 10,000 followers on Instagram has provided the perfect guide for matching colours.

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Below are four tips on how to match clothing colors as a guy:

1. Start with two simple colours

"You can start with two simple colors that will not block each other, minimal is nice sometimes when you’re learning how to match colors. You can start with a white shirt and a black pant, white shoe and a black jacket. Am I the only one that just imagined how dope and minimal that style would turn out? You can try it and see, I promise you it would come out well. P.S it’s not about matching the colors, it’s about how good you are in complimenting them and creating magic."

2. Complement, don't match

"Remember when I said that it’s not about matching but complementing colors? Let’s get more into that. Once you’re more comfortable wearing different intensities of the same colour in your outfit, it’s time to get more advanced by mixing in a complementary colour. That is why it is highly advisable to work with a colour wheel, the wheel helps in telling you what colours compliment each other and helps make your outfit presentable. You’re just trying to put an outfit together, not get an art history degree! However, it can be helpful when thinking about colour combinations that won’t give whoever’s looking at you a headache. Complementary colours include red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple"

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3. Start with a neutral base

"Pops of colour only work when they have something to pop against. Sticking to neutral colours for the rest of your outfit will make your “pop” more effective. Think black, navy, grey, and brown. Always have it at the back of your mind that “less is more” Stick to just one pop. No need to go crazy, Yet Incorporating one color into an outfit comes off as very sophisticated, and not as difficult as you would think."

4. Mixing patterns

" Do not mix a pattern piece with another pattern piece, always mix patterned pieces with solid colors, That’s the only time the color comes out well, and in picking the solid colors that would match with the patterned piece, you should always pick the colours that are in the pattern."

Colour blocking tips for women

The art of looking good requires skills and careful planning. This probably explains why not everyone is big on looking fashionable.

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A trend currently back in vogue is the colour blocking look. Just like matching prints, this could also turn out pretty messy as one can end up looking rather confused than fashionable.

Well, if you fall in the category, you're in luck as fashion and lifestyle blogger, Tenicka, has just the right solution for you.


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