Prayer time in Dubai: Fajr, Shuruq, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha

Prayer time in Dubai: Fajr, Shuruq, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha

Prayer, Namaz, or salah, as is commonly known by Muslims, is among the five pillars of Islam. The other four are pilgrimage, the profession of faith, alms or charity, and fasting. When it comes to prayer, Muslims have numerous types performed at varying times of the day. Every adult Muslim is expected to perform five obligatory daily prayers and is free to perform other optional ones. The mandatory prayers are performed at dawn, noon, later afternoon, sunset, and night. Let us take a look at the September 2021 prayer time in Dubai.

Azan time in Dubai
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Dubai is the second-largest constituent emirate of the UAE and measures about 4,114 square kilometers. The emirate is commonly referred to as the ‘jewel of the world’ and ‘pearl of the gulf’ due to its rich heritage.

Prayer time in Dubai

Here is a look at the September 2021 prayer time in Dubai.

Namaz time in Dubai
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The different salah times explained

Muslims pray facing the Kaaba, Masjid Al-Haram, in the holy city of Mecca. While most obligatory prayers are typically performed in a congregation, Muslims can also conduct their Namaz elsewhere if the chosen area is clean.

In every place of Islam worship worldwide, the direction facing Mecca is called the Qibla. In addition, each of the mandatory prayers consists of a specified number of obligatory rakat (a series of movements performed during salah, whether in a mosque or at home).


This Namaz is also known as salat al-fajr and is among the five obligatory Islam daily prayers. Since an Islamic day begins at sunset, Fajr is the third salat of the day. However, for a conventional day starting at midnight, the Namaz is the first of the day.

During Ramadan, Fajr marks the beginning of the daily fasting known as sawm in Islam. The September Fajr time in Dubai lies between 4:39 am and 4:52 am.


Namaz time in Dubai
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Unlike other prayers in this guide, Shuruq is an optional prayer conducted after sunrise. This Namaz is also known as salat al-ishraq. According to the Hanafi school of thought, Shuruq should be performed about 45 minutes after sunrise. According to the Shafi school of thought, this Namaz time in Dubai is 20 minutes after sunrise.

The September Dubai prayer time for Shuruq lies between 6:00 am and 6:11 am.


This Namaz is also known as Dhuhr or salat al-zuhr and is performed once the sun has reached its zenith. It is a four-rakat salah. For Muslims, this salah is the fourth of the day, with the day beginning at sunset. However, from the perspective of a conventional day, Dhuhr is the second compulsory salah of the day.

The September times for this salah in Dubai lie between 12:19 pm and 12:09 pm.


Also known as salat al-asr, this four-rakat salah is performed late in the afternoon. When performed in a congregation, the imam remains quiet except when he announces the taslim and takbir. The September Asr azan time in Dubai ranges between 3:48 pm to 3:33 pm.


This is also known as the sunset salah or salat al-maghrib. The three-rakat salah is the first salah of the Islamic day. For a conventional day starting at midnight, Maghrib is the fourth obligatory daily Namaz.

The Maghrib time in Dubai for the month of September lies between 6:38 pm and 6:07 pm.


This obligatory daily salah is also known as salat al-isha. This four-rakat salah is the second mandatory Namaz for a Muslim, with a day starting at sunset. For a conventional day, Isha is the fifth obligatory salah.

There are some optional prayers that can be recited after salat al-isha. These include the tarawih during Ramadan and the Nafilat ul-Layl prayers. The September Isha time in Dubai lies between 8:08 pm and 7:37 pm.

Other prayers

Dubai prayer time
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Here is a look at some other common prayers in Islam.

  • Tahjjud: This is an optional prayer performed in the early part of the morning.
  • Tarawih: This prayer is performed after salat al-isha during the month of Ramadan.
  • Eid prayers: These are performed during Eid Al Adha and Eid Al Fitr.
  • Jumuah: This is a Friday noon salah performed in a congregation.

Azan: The Islam call to prayer

In Islam, the public call to salah is called azan or adhan and is done by a muezzin. During the call, the muezzin recites some designated words to the glorification of God.

Like every other place, the prayer time in Dubai is governed by the sun’s daily movements. The changes in this movement automatically affect the designated prayer times for the five obligatory prayers. With the above guide, it is super easy to keep track of this time.

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