Little Hercules’ biography: where is the kid bodybuilder now?

Little Hercules’ biography: where is the kid bodybuilder now?

Do you remember Little Hercules? Millennials and people from older generations may know him as the kid bodybuilder in the late 20th century and early 2000s. At the time, he took over the internet because of his muscular physique at a very young age. So, where is Little Hercules now? Is he still as muscular?

Little Hercules
A photo of Little Hercules. Photo: Gregg DeGuire
Source: Getty Images

Kid Hercules became famous after his appearance in a documentary titled The Worlds Strongest Boy. Apart from being a bodybuilder, he used to be an actor and martial artist.

Profile summary

  • Real name: Richard Sandrak
  • Nickname: Child Bodybuilder, Little Hercules, Hercules Kid, Kid Bodybuilder
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: April 15, 1992
  • Age: 29 (as of 2021)
  • Zodiac sign: Aries
  • Place of birth: Lugansk, Ukraine
  • Current residence: United States
  • Nationality: Ukrainian
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Height in feet: 6'
  • Height in centimetres: 182
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • Eye colour: Grey
  • Mother: Elena Sandrak
  • Father: Pavel Sandrak
  • Siblings: 1
  • Occupation: Former bodybuilder, actor, professional martial artist
  • Little Hercules’s net worth: $400,000

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Little Hercules’ biography

On April 15, 1992, he was born in Lugansk, Ukraine to Pavel and Elena Sandrak. Since Little Hercules’ dad and mom were both top athletes, it is not a surprise that he also got into bodybuilding. Pavel was a world champion in martial arts and had trained in taekwondo, while Lena was an aerobic competitor. Richard has a younger sister called Anastasia Sandrak.

Little Hercules
Little Hercules posing for a picture. Photo: Paul Harris
Source: Getty Images

When he was two years old, his family moved to Pennsylvania, United States, searching for greener pastures. Soon after they settled, he started his training. His father introduced him to several stretches and light weight training. His family later moved to California to get into the show business.

How old is Little Hercules now?

The Ukrainian star celebrates his birthday every April 15. Richard Sandrak now is 29 years old, and his zodiac sign is Aries.

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Richard Sandrak began training in martial arts when he was still a child. At the age of six, he was able to lift 82 kilograms on the standard bench press. Setting a world record, he earned the name Little Hercules. At the age of eight, he was able to lift 95 kilograms.

His daily training included 600 push-ups, 600 sit-ups and 300 squats. His parents were very strict about his diet, and he could never eat junk food. In an interview, Sandrak recalled how his father would eat pizza in front of him while he ate lettuce. His father even made him sleep on the floor to maintain a perfect posture.

Little Hercules’ family
Little Hercules with his mother Elena Sandrak, his sister, Anastasia Sandrak, and Joey Travolta. Photo: Paul Harris
Source: Getty Images

He would do these exercises on repeat, and if he did something wrong, he would face punishment. However, he revealed that the training was his choice and that his parents never forced him into it. After he became famous, he started travelling across the US promoting various food products.

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The former talented bodybuilder also made appearances in various shows and documentaries such as The Word’s strongest boy, Mr Olympia, Mr USA, and the Emerald Cup. He was so fit for his age that scientists became concerned about Little Hercules' health issues since he only had about 1% body fat.

Sandrak has a short stint as a Hollywood actor. In 2009, he starred in Little Hercules in 3-D, which arguably brought him the most fame. His other credits include The Legends of Nethiah and Assassin Priest.

Why did Little Hercules stop bodybuilding?

What happened to little Hercules? Speaking to Inside Edition, the talented bodybuilder stopped training because he became bored. Things got worse after his father got arrested for violence towards his mother. Lena was left to raise him alone and was not as strict.

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When asked what his dream job was, Sandrak said that he wanted to become a quantum scientist or an engineer at NASA.

What does Little Hercules look like today?

Now that he is all grown up, how tall is little Hercules now? Kid bodybuilder now stands at 6 feet tall.

Where is Little Hercules today?

Since he stopped bodybuilding, Richard has disappeared from the public eye. The last time he was interviewed back in 2015, he was a stuntman at the Universal Studios Hollywood Waterworld Show.

Nowadays, it is unclear what he has been up to, and the only current photos of him available online are on his mother's Facebook. In the image above, he is pictured with his mother on Christmas 2019. Richard also has a Facebook page, but he does not update it often.

How much is Little Hercules worth?

Richard gained most of his wealth while he was still a bodybuilder from all the commercials and promoting various products. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his net worth is estimated to be about $400,000, but this information is not yet confirmed.

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Richard Sandrak, AKA Little Hercules, is no longer little or herculean. After being a child star, he now lives a regular life away from the cameras.

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