Moment Ant 'Sneaks' Into Jewellery Shop, Drags off Expensive Diamond, Attempts to Take It Away in Viral Video

Moment Ant 'Sneaks' Into Jewellery Shop, Drags off Expensive Diamond, Attempts to Take It Away in Viral Video

  • A funny video has shown an ant taking away a piece of diamond in a jewellery shop before it was caught
  • In the clip, the insect rolled the diamond as if it was interacting with sugar or a piece of honeycomb
  • While many people wondered how an ant could be able to do that, others suggested that the ant may be a robot

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A video that first went viral years ago showing an ant going away with a small but expensive piece of diamond off a desk in a jewellery shop has got newer reactions from people online.

It should be noted that the video is owned and was first shared by Viral Hog. In a re-post done by Daily Mail in 2021, the insect was dragging off the stone as it would a piece of sugar. In a rush to quickly gets its task done, it kept rolling it without taking a break.

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The ant seems passionate about the task.
The video of the ant has been seen many times by people online. Photo source: ViralHog
Source: Facebook

An employee saw it

The ant was almost going to be successful if not that an employee at the shop quickly noticed the hilarious 'heist'.

Daily Mail funnily tagged the ant:

"The world's smallest thief."

Watch the recent share:

The video quickly went viral online with over 200 reactions in a few hours after the re-post. gathered some of the hilarious comments below:

Susan Fleming Holm said:

"I hope they didn"t kill the ant when they "rescued" the stone. Did they pay for the rights to film the ant's incredible feat?"

Walter Schuffenhauer said:

"Too funny. Maybe he was trained. What would an ant do with a diamond."

Trish Franc said:

"Gee, I didn't know ants could be trained to steal like monkeys."

Fredy Temalagi said:

"The employee puts liquid sugar to the diamond."

Orlando Zagueer said:

"Well Is time for a ant pet."

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