Man Who Broke News of Woman Giving Birth to 10 Babies at Once Finally Speaks Amid Controversy, Many React

Man Who Broke News of Woman Giving Birth to 10 Babies at Once Finally Speaks Amid Controversy, Many React

  • Journalist Piet Rampedi has spoken out amid more fervent calls by the public to know the whereabouts of the missing #Tembisa10
  • It seems the mum and her 10 newborns are nowhere to be found but Rampedi has shared that an ongoing investigation will bring many more details to light
  • Social media users are once again suspicious of the validity of Rampedi's claims and have taken to the comments section to air their grievances

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Piet Rampedi, the Pretoria News editor who broke the scoop on the birth of Tembisa's decuplets, has finally spoken out.

Piet Rampedi says full investigation is ongoing
Piet Rampedi has spoken out. Image: @Mashiane_SA/Twitter
Source: UGC

Rampedi details an ongoing investigation

In recent days, there seem to be many claims stirring up on social media which seek to threaten the validity of Rampedi's breaking story.

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Naturally, the journalist felt the need to defend his work and credibility, sharing that an ongoing investigation is looking into many surfacing issues, including the whereabouts of the decuplets, who currently cannot be located.

He wrote:

"Our sensitive probe into #Tembisa10 story is ongoing. It shifted from a feel-good story into a full investigation into the whereabouts of babies, where Sithole gave birth, what transpired during & after delivery, why was the family denied access to babies, & who played what role."

Social media reactions

Social media users had mixed reactions to Rampedi's statement. Many speculated that the journalist may have fabricated the story from the very beginning, or he did not properly check his sources before publishing the scoop.

Check out some of the comments below:

@Botshel00375697 said:

"Mara you were given contact details of the family spokeperson. Why don't you liaise with them for more information?"

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@kabelodick intrestingly probed:

"But you told us she gave birth at a Pretoria hospital so you just lied to us unprovoked mara Piet? You seriously as an editor just run with a story, insult those that ask you questions without even urself knowing the full details? Yaa neeh, welcome to Satafrika, so the R1 mil is gone?"

@PretoriaPM said:

"We told you that this story of yours makes no sense and we were called names now sila..."

@MogomotsiLebot2 said:

"I said it then, I still say it today. I do not believe the #Tembisa10 story. Piet Rampedi was either scammed like Tokyo Sexwale, or he was in on the lie. Now he's asking questions that when others asked, they were labelled jealous Thumamina media group. Anyway, the truth shall come out."

Decuplets' aunts speak

In similar news, South African most popular babies - the decuplets born to a Tembisa mum on Monday, June 7 - currently need a lot of prayers as they are fighting to be alive - that is according to an aunt, who has chosen to remain anonymous.

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In her words:

“The babies were born and are still in incubators fighting for their lives. They came at 29 weeks; the mother is still weak. And as a black family we want to protect them. This is a sensitive issue."

The aunt also explained how the family has been bombarded with calls from publications and people waiting excitedly to hear more about the husband and wife who broke a world record with their amazing birth story.

Source: Legit

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