10 best Korean Anime movies and shows you should stream today

10 best Korean Anime movies and shows you should stream today

Korean anime is fast becoming a popular genre among animation lovers. Korean animation studios produce high-quality films that compete highly in Asia and across the world. You do not need to understand the Korean language or culture to follow Korean anime as most of the movies and series have a simple storyline that is interesting to follow.

Korean Anime
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What is Korean anime called? They are called Manhwa. Korean cartoons and especially South Korean anime are the most interesting to follow. The viewer learns a lot about the Asian country and the mannerisms of Koreans. Some animations are too good that one can virtually feel the characters' presence as they follow the movies.

Best Korean anime movies and shows

Korean anime covers a wide range of subjects, from psychological themes to action that keeps viewers on their toes. If you've been looking for something new and spicy, then you should look into the world of Korean anime.

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1. Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox (2007)

IMDb rating: 6.8/10 | Runtime: 1h 26m

Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox is one of the most thrilling Korean animation movies you can watch. This animation follows the story of Yobi, a mythical fox who transforms into a human. Yobi does this to protect an alien who is stranded on earth and rejected by its fellow aliens.

Yobi ends up in a school for rebels. Being in these schools gets her to fall in love with the world of humans. She gets a new friend, Geum-ee, with whom they share stuff and take care of each other.

2. Seoul Station (2016)

IMDb rating: 6.2/10 | Runtime: 1h 26m

Seoul Station is one of the best Korean anime. It is a thrilling horror and zombie Korean anime that many animation lovers enjoy. The main story follows a man who is hopelessly looking for his lost daughter.

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The search is difficult because of government lockdown due to the zombie outbreak, but the man is determined to find his daughter. Will they survive the zombie outbreak?

3. Oseam (2003)

IMDb rating: 6.9/10 | Runtime: 1h 17m

Gami and Gilson are orphans. Like any other kids whose parents are not alive, Gami and Gilson try to survive. They later find a new home at a Mahayana Buddhist temple.

This anime shows how different people deal with grief. In contrast, one sibling has accepted that the parents are never coming back; the other struggles to come to terms with the fact that they will never see their parents again.

4. Sky Blue (2003)

IMDb rating: 6.7/10 | Runtime: 1h 35m

Sky Blue anime is also called Wonderful Days. The viewer is transported to the future; the year is 2142, and the world is not pleasant to live in due to pollution. To help save the situation, a city called Ecoban is built.

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Ecoban’s purpose is to run on the DELOS system, a commanding means of transforming pollution into energy. Maintaining Ecoban is not easy, and the people have to work extra hard to run the system.

5. My Beautiful Girl, Mari (2002)

IMDb rating: 6.6/10 | Runtime: 1h 26m

Kim Nam-woo’s lives a miserable life. He has almost lost it all as the friend he would hang out with is moving to Seoul for school. His mother, the only parent he is left with after his dad passed, pays more attention to her new partner.

Kim Nam-woo remains a lonely soul until he meets Mari, a girl who may not be entirely real. Mari, however, makes Kim feel like he belongs even in his fantasy world. Korean animators that made My Beautiful Girl, Mari, are creative geniuses.

6. The Fake (2013)

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IMDb rating: 6.9/10 | Runtime: 1h 44m

A small town where life seems simple is about to experience something that will change things forever. The town is to be destroyed to make a dam, and one church elder promises to make new homes for those affected.

As a man of God, everyone trusts this church elder to fulfil his promises only to end up disappointing everyone and misusing the funds given. Korean animated movies go to show how evil men hide under religion every day.

7. Ghost Messenger (2010)

Korean anime shows like Ghost Messenger are not only entertaining but also educative. The series follows Ghost Messengers “overpowered agents” from the underground dark world named the World of Death. The main character, Kang-Lim, is a ghost messenger who has been sent to the human world to look for ghosts that do not want to go back to the World of Death despite it being their time.

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8. Leafie, a Hen Into the Wild (2011)

IMDb rating: 7.2/10 | Runtime: 1h 37m

Imagine a chicken that wants more than just to lay eggs on the farm. This is the story of Leafie. She is a go-getter, ambitious and has set goals for herself. Leafie wants to incubate her own eggs and become a mother.

Her dreams finally come true after she escapes from the farm and comes across a duckling called greenie. Korean cartoon Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild teaches about kindness. Leafie is happy to take care of Greenie.

9. Flowering Heart (2016)

IMDb rating: 7.1/10

The singing in this Korean animation is sweet and mellow and would get anyone to fall in love with Korean anime. Follow Ari and her schoolmates as they get to engage in fun activities after school. They even have a club called Problem Solving Club. One ay Ari comes across a hamster on the streets. The hamster has the ability to speak. Flowering Heart is a feel-good anime series that will get you to relax as you follow the children's fun activities.

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10. Badaui Jeonseol Jangbogo (2011)

This Korean anime is full of action, mystery and adventure. Badaui Jeonseol Jangbogo follows the story of captain Jang. He is the head of a group of mercenaries whose purpose is to go out after strong mafias that want to take control of the seas. Captain Jang is the man to watch as he overcomes every obstacle to defeat his enemies and reclaim what has been taken away.

Like any other anime, Korean anime is filled with fascinating elements, mystery, humour, and sometimes-dark themes to keep the viewer intrigued. The animators, film creators and scriptwriters include subjects both in the fantasy world and the real world when they want the fans to relate to the issues discussed or get them to a different world.

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