50+ fun and clever druid names you can use for your new character

50+ fun and clever druid names you can use for your new character

Druids were people of high rank in the old Celtic societies. They were famous for their religious influence and served as healers, legal authorities, historians, and advisors. In recent times, people have been using druid names to emulate these traits.

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A name can either cause a positive or negative influence on a person or character. The monikers you choose have to be fitting for the character and reflect on their personality. For a positive impact, always go for the right druid name.

Fun and clever druid names you can use for your new character

Good druid names should reflect the high-ranking and prestigious nature of the ancient Celtic culture.

Druid names female

Female druid names emulate magical power. Check out these druid female names for some inspiration in giving your new character a great moniker.

  • Adad - Storm and flood God
  • Adlar - Eagle
  • Alfie - Legendary
  • Arturo - Bear
  • Ballar - Person who lacks hair
  • Bobby - Bright fame
  • Boomer- Loud
  • Dax - Leader
  • Domingo - Master or lord
  • Draco - Dragon
  • Druce - Wise
  • Enzo - Home ruler
  • Kent - Border
  • Mario - Hammer

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good druid names
Portrait of a druid. Photo: @reikiiix
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  • Mikko - Who is like God?
  • Ollie - Elf-army
  • Ono - Sweet
  • Sylvan - Of the woods or the forest
  • Tiago - May the Lord protect
  • Tripp - My brother

Night elf druid names

Clever druid names are a good option if you want a lasting impression on your character. Be sure to choose monikers that have a connection to magical powers such as shapeshifting.

  • Aoife - Beauty
  • Arana - The rock
  • Ayra - Of the wind
  • Banshee - Female spirit who wails to warn of impending death
  • Cara - Beloved
  • Carmela - Garden
  • Cliona - Shapely
  • Eri - Watchful
  • Fidelma - Faithful
  • Ganna - Paradise of heaven
  • Glinda - Witch of the South in OZ
  • Kamilia - Pure
  • Lulu - A pearl
  • Polydora - One who brings many gifts
  • Titania - Queen of the fairies
  • Una - Personification of beauty or truth
  • Valeda - Inspires intelligence
  • Yeshana - Courage
  • Driscol - The interpreter
  • Cleary - Learned

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Funny druid names

Tauren druid names are a good option for anyone looking forward to giving their new character a funny moniker. These names are a simple way of keeping the character lively and fun.

  • Aven - Mountain flower
  • Cherub - Cute angel
  • Enigma - To speak in riddles
  • Jojo - The Lord will increase, or God raises
  • Jora - Queen or king
  • Logan - Descendant of the warrior
  • Morgan - Guardian or ruler of the sea
  • Onyx - Claw
  • Parker - Park keeper
  • Quinn - Wisdom
  • Shadi - Happiness
  • Stormy - Someone of impetuous nature
  • Tristan - Outcry or tumult
  • Vortex - Whirlpool
  • Banning - Blond child
  • Brieg - Esteem
  • Doane - Dune dweller
  • Floyd - The hollow
  • Dunham - Dark or black man
  • Duer - Heroic

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Male druid names

The secret to having fun and clever male druid names is ensuring that you get something you will probably never hear of anywhere else. The uniqueness of your moniker makes it more interesting.

  • Twrgadarn - A tower of strength
clever druid names
Portrait of a druid. Photo: @reikiiix
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  • Evrei - Name out of old stories
  • Trent - Dwells near the rapid stream
  • Sior - The farmer
  • Sayer - Carpenter
  • Maddox - The benefactor’s son
  • Romney - Dwells near the curving river
  • Penn - From the peak
  • Pawl - Little
  • Merlin - From the sea
  • Malvern - Bare hill
  • Lug - The Bringer of light
  • Llara - Meek
  • Kenn - Clean water
  • Ithel - Generous lord
  • Hen Wyneb - Old face
  • Idris - Eager lord
  • Gromer - A powerful shapeshifter
  • Gavin - Hawk of the battle
  • Garnock - Dwells by the alder tree river

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These are some of the best druid names you can use for your character. Which one did you like most? Share your feedback in the comment section.

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