100+ Welsh names for boys and girls you have probably never heard

100+ Welsh names for boys and girls you have probably never heard

Finding suitable Welsh names for your new born kids can be easy and hard at the same time. Easy because there are plenty of them out there, but difficult in the sense that some would prefer to know the meaning first.

Welsh names
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Considering that your God-sent angel deserves the best the world has to offer, then a name would mean a lot. Therefore, a look at some of the best names of Welsh origin plus their meaning will help you decide on the best, according to your preference.

Welsh names

Names of Welsh origin are rapidly gaining popularity in the 21st century. New couples around the world tend to prefer them because of their uniqueness and meanings behind them. Here is a collection of Welsh girls names as well as those of the boys.

Cool Welsh boy names

There are a lot of good Welsh names you can give your newly born boy. They are used in large numbers nowadays by both natives and foreigners.

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Welsh names for boys
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Below are some of the best Welsh names for boys you can use for your baby boy.

  • Aberthol - Sacrifice
  • Adain - One who has wings
  • Berth - Beautiful
  • Brad - A wide-open clearing in the woods
  • Cadwallen - A person who arranges a battle
  • Cain - Clear waters
  • Oswallt - One whose strength is drawn from God
  • Owen - A young fighter
  • Padrig - One who is noble in his deeds
  • Renfrew - Someone who lives near the river which is still
  • Dafydd - Beloved One
  • Daniel - The God of judgment
  • Earwine - A white river
  • Emyr - A ruler
  • Disgleirio - To shine or to glitter
  • Floyd - Gray
  • Folant - One who possesses a lot of strength
  • Garreth - One who is modest and gentle
  • Gavin - A battle hawk
  • Idris - A fiery lord
  • Jeston - Someone who is righteous, fair, and just
  • Kai - Fire
  • Kane - A skilled fighter
  • Keith - Someone who dwells in the woods
  • Madawc - Beneficent or fortunate
  • Marvin - A mariner
  • Neifion - Someone who is the God of the seas
  • Newlyn - Someone who dwells near the pool
  • Rhobert - One who is brilliant or renowned
  • Taren - Thunder
  • Vala - The chosen one
  • Vanora - A white wave
  • Vorath - The lord is worth
  • Winn - One who is looking good
  • Wren - Someone who is born to rule
  • Yorath - The lord is worth
  • Taliesin - Someone who is handsome
  • Sian - God is gracious
  • Ren - One who rules over an empire
  • Pyrs - Rock
  • Iwan - God's gift
  • Teagan - Beautiful or attractive
  • Tristan - Bold
  • Huw - Heart and mind

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Easy to pronounce Welsh boy names

When giving these to children, most parents would prefer an easily pronounced name that they can remember with ease. Here are some of these names.

  • Alun - Harmony, stone, noble, fair and handsome
  • Andras - Manly
  • Dewi - Beloved or friend
  • Gavan - A white hawk or hawk of the battle
  • Emris - Immortal
  • Griffin - Lord or prince
  • Harri - Home ruler
  • Wynter - Fair and white
  • Kieran - Black

Cute and unique Welsh female names

Girls love to have unique and cute identities, and the Welsh names for girls are just what you need. These names have fantastic meanings behind them.

Welsh girl names
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Here are some incredible Welsh girl names for your newly born baby girl.

  • Aberfa - From the mouth of the river (signifies abundance and prosperity)
  • Betrys - Blessed one
  • Blodeuwedd - Delicate, colourful, and fragrant
  • Aerona - Derived from the boy's version 'Aeron' which refers to Celtic Goddess
  • Alaw - Something musical, or a harmonic sound
  • Alis - Something that has a noble origin
  • Gwanwyn - Season of spring, the time of colour, happiness, and abundance
  • Megan - Welsh version of Margaret (Pearl)
  • Seren - Star
  • Brenda - Sword
  • Bryce - Alert and ambitious
  • Branwen - Beautiful
  • Catrin - Pure and clear
  • Seirian - Sparkling
  • Cassadee - A girl or woman who has curly hair
  • Adaryn - Refers to a high-flying bird
  • Daron - Oak or of a perfect ending
  • Ceri - To love
  • Buddug - Victory
  • Addien - A beautiful or charming girl
  • Anwen - Someone who is extremely beautiful
  • Arianwen - Holy gold/silver or pure
  • Fflur - Flower
  • Del - Someone who is cute
  • Enid - Soul or life
  • Ebrill - A girl born in April
  • Asgre - One who was born with a heart of Gold
  • Awena - Inspiration of poetry or something poetic
  • Bethan - Royal origin
  • Cristyn - Pretty or feminine
  • Dilwyn - Genuine person
  • Dyllis - Perfect and reliable
  • Eilonwy - Gorgeous princess
  • Gracie - Beauty of kindness or mercy
  • Rhiannon - Great queen
  • Tangwystl - Pledges of peace
  • Tegan - Beautiful

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What are common Welsh last names?

Most Welsh surnames are patronymic and mainly derived from paternal lineage. These names are derived from the Welsh and English, and some have a Celtic origin.

Welsh last names
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Here is a collection of some of these names.

  • Awbrey - Son of Aubrey
  • Bach - Little
  • Baughan - Little or small
  • Beavin - Son of Lefan (Lefan is the Welsh version of John)
  • Beddoe - Sea lord or protector of the sea
  • Bennion - Son of Einion (Anvil)
  • Bethel - Son of Ithel (meaning bountiful Lord)
  • Blayney - Uplands or a river source
  • Davies - Son of David
  • Edwards - Rich guard
  • Elijah - My God is Yahweh
  • Ellis - Kind or benevolent
  • Hier - Long or tall
  • Hopkins - Son of Hopkin
  • Howell - Someone who is eminent
  • Hughes - Comes from the German word 'hug' meaning heart and spirit
  • John - Variant of Hebrew's 'Yochanan' (Jehovah has been gracious or God is gracious)
  • Kerry - Near the castle
  • Lewis - A leader
  • Maddocks - Good or fortunate
  • Merrick - Welsh version of Maurice (dark-skinned)
  • Moore - Big or large
  • Poyner - Honoured
  • Rosser - Welsh version of Rodger (Fame and spear)
  • Tew - Fat, plump, or portly
  • Yale - Fertile uplands
  • Wynn - Fair, white, or blessed
  • Mitchell - One who is like God

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Names of famous Welsh people

Every mother and father wants their children to achieve their greatest potential and be like some of the most famous people in the world. Some even go ahead and identify their newly born after great business people, scientists, or inventors.

Welsh surnames
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Here are some of the most famous Welsh people whose names are being heard all over the world.

  • Ryan Giggs (Born 1973) - The former Manchester United player.
  • Rhodri Morgan (born 1939) - A famous Welsh politician and the Chancellor of Swansea University.
  • RS Thomas (1913-2000) - This was an enigmatic yet brilliant writer is arguably the greatest spiritual poet of modern times.
  • Sir Martin Evans (born 1941) - The Nobel Prize-winning Cardiff University professor has made breakthroughs in stem cell research.
  • Michael Moritz (born 1954) - The financier of the dotcom revolution, he provided investments in Google, Yahoo, Paypal and YouTube and changed the way we think, work, learn and play.
  • Margaret John (1926-2011): a BAFTA award-winning actress
  • Gareth Edwards (born 1947) - Arguably the greatest rugby player of his time.
  • Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) - He was one of the most famous philosophers of the 20th century.
  • David Brunt (1886-1965) - He was a scientist and member of the Royal Engineers.
  • Ruth Jones (born 1966) - A Welsh actress, comedian, writer and produce
  • William Morgan (1545-1604) - He helped translated the bible into Welsh.
  • Brian Josephson (born 1940) - The Nobel Prize-winning physicist who transformed the understanding of superconductivity.
  • Shirley Bassey (born 1937) - A celebrated singer whose voice captivated millions and she celebrated Wales as a multicultural country on the world stage.
  • Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) - The Llanbadoc-born explorer and naturalist who chronicled the wonders of natural selection.

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There you have it! These are some of the most amazing Welsh names. You now have plenty of options to choose from. However, it would be best if you consider knowing the meaning of the name first before you can use it on your newly born child.

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