50+ fascinating traditional Cherokee names and their meanings

50+ fascinating traditional Cherokee names and their meanings

Indigenous people of both North and South America are as diverse as their languages, communication methods, and cultural practices. The Native American culture has evolved significantly through the centuries of its existence, and this evolution has influenced their lifestyle, habits, and choice of names. Cherokee names have some pretty interesting meanings behind them.

Cherokee names
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Factors such as the Americas' colonization have made these traditional names unique to its people, unlike other cultures and countries where they borrow words from different cultures

Cherokee naming tradition

The Native American culture was very matrilineal and matriarchal as children where named after their mothers. Older women within these tribes were given the mandate to provide Cherokee baby names based on the child's appearance or its resemblance to something in nature.

According to the Native American culture, at birth, children were given nicknames to identify them. As they grew up, their monikers would change and they would be given names according to their personalities and life experiences.

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These cultures believed that a person's character was an immense trait for providing a name for them. They also believed that misfortune would follow one if their names were misused.

Check out these amazing Cherokee name meanings.

Beautiful Cherokee names for your baby girl

Are you looking for Cherokee girl names with beautiful meanings? Here is a comprehensive list of Cherokee female names that you can pick for your child. It is good to know the origin and meaning of the name you choose for your baby.

Cherokee female names
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Here are some popular Cherokee names for girls:

  • Tayanita - Beaver
  • Sequoia - Redwood
  • Ahyoka - She brought happiness
  • Ama - Water
  • Adsila - Blossom
  • Agasga - Rain
  • Ahyoka - She brought happiness
  • Galilani - Friendly
  • Ghigau - Beloved woman
  • Hiawassee - Meadow
  • Immokalee - Tumbling water
  • Inola - Black fox
  • Knasgowa - Heron
  • Nanye_hi - Heron
  • Ninovan - Our home
  • Salali - Squirrel
  • Tsistunagiska - Wild rose
  • Tsula - Fox
  • Tayanita - Young beaver
  • Yona - Bear
  • Awenasa - My home
  • Awinita - The name means fawn, for one who is gentle
  • Ayita - The first to dance
  • Euna - A waterfall
  • Kachina - Spirit
  • Pavati - Clear water
  • Soyala - Time of the winter solstice.
  • Qaletaqa -Guardian of the people

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Cherokee girl names
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  • Tablita - Crown
  • Tiva - Dance
  • Una - Remember
  • Ahyoka - Means the girl who brings you happiness.
  • Atsila - Fire
  • Cuhtahlatah - wild hemp
  • Galilahi - The attractive one
  • Scatchwah - Believed to refer to wolves
  • Adohi - woods or timber
  • Amadahy - Forest water
  • Kanuna - Bullfrog
  • Onacona - White owl
  • Sequoyah - Sparrow
  • Tanamara - lonely wind
  • Tayanita - young beaver
  • Trahlyta - Title given to a legendary Cherokee princess.
  • Wahya - Wolf
  • Walela - Hummingbird
  • Woya - Dove
  • Ya'no - Wolf
  • Amadah - The water from the forest
  • Awenasa - My home
  • Galilahi - Attractive
  • Leotie - Flower of the prairie

Powerful Cherokee boy names

Cherokee male names depict a strong aspect of nature and sound powerful. Some of the names used by Native Americans have a symbolic reference power, rule, and war. These names have a strong reflection of the history and conventions of the culture.

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Here is a list of wonderful baby names for your child:

  • Wohali - Means an eagle. Eagles were important and spiritual creatures in the Cherokee society. They signified honor and bravery. Eagle feathers were used for headdresses of the most decorated chiefs
  • Kana′tĭ - The lucky hunter
  • Moytoy - Rainmaker
  • Chaske - It literally means the firstborn son
  • Sequoya(Sikwayi) - Sparrow
  • Akikta - Refers to a person who is determined to achieve his goals and excels in everything he does.
  • Aponivi - Means where the wind blows down the gap. The bearer of this tag is able to fly free and explore the world.
  • Sequoyah - Hog
  • Adawosgi - He is swimming
  • Atsadi - These creatures are said to bring good luck and naming your child Atasadi could bestow some good luck.
  • Conocotocko - Standing turkey
  • Danuwoa - The warrior
  • Gălă-gi′na - Male deer or turkey
  • Ahuli - Rum
  • Atohi - Woods

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Cherokee baby names
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  • Atsadi - Fish
  • Junaluska - The one who repeatedly tries, but fails
  • Diwali - Bowls
  • Dustu - Spring frog
  • Kanuna - Bullfrog
  • Emmett - It is a version of a feminine name Emma which means truth. Those who bare this name are of a pure soul.
  • Gatlin - Means a companion for life
  • Haroldo - These people are generally very powerful and have leadership qualities
  • Jair - One who shines in life
  • Tyee - Chief
  • Wahkan - Sacred
  • Adahy - In the oak woods
  • Chea Sequah - Red bird
  • Degataga - Standing together
  • Galegenoh - Stag
  • Mohe - Elk
  • Oukonunaka - White owl
  • Gawonii - He is speaking
  • Salal - Squirrel
  • Tsiyi - Canoe
  • Unaduti - Woolly head
  • Austenaco - Chief
  • Chuquilatague - Double head
  • Kanagagota - Standing Turkey
  • Attakullakulla - Chief
  • Koatohee - Chief Corn Tassel
  • Oconostota - Warrior of Chota
  • Rayetayah - Hanging Maw
  • Yonaguska - Chief

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Cherokee baby names
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Famous Native Americans

Every mother and father wants their children to achieve their greatest potential and be like some of the most famous people in the world. Some even go ahead and name their newly born after great business people, scientists, or inventors.

Here are some of the most famous leaders and celebrities from the Native American community:

  • Squanto, also known as Tisquantum, helped establish a treaty between the local Native Americans and the Pilgrims.
  • Sequoyah was a member of the Cherokee tribe. He invented the Cherokee writing system.
  • Wes Studi is from Oklahoma and is an internationally acclaimed actor and film producer.
  • Q'orianka Kilcher emerged into the front ranks of young actresses with her portrayal of Pocahontas. She also appeared alongside Colin Farrell and Christian Bale in Terrence Malick's The New World.
  • Tatanka Means was born on February 19, 1985 in Porcupine, South Dakota, USA as Tatanka Wanbli Sapa Xila Sabe Means. He is known for his work on The Son (2017), Saints & Strangers (2015) and Tiger Eyes (2012).
  • Tonantzin Carmelo began her career as a native dancer and musician, recording 3 CDs with Canyon Records. She honed her acting craft in a myriad of professional theater productions, and is a member of the LA based professional theater company Native Voices.

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The native Cherokee used nature and animals as a way of naming their children. Cherokee names are given according to a person's character. As a result, the Cherokee tribe has one of the best names with the most beautiful meanings behind them.

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