90+ awesome monk names with meanings from different traditions

90+ awesome monk names with meanings from different traditions

Monks renounce worldly pursuit and commit themselves fully to spiritual life and lead simple and prayerful lives. There are multiple awesome monk names with meanings from different traditions. These names have positive meanings and reflect their way of life.

monk names with meanings
Monks in fantasy settings often bear names that reflect their spiritual journey, martial prowess, or connection to the mystical elements of their world
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Becoming a monk is a journey that involves strict religious vows. Monks dedicate their lives to becoming closer to their faith. Usually, they live communally with other monks in monasteries. Monk names generally have positive meanings.

Awesome monk names

Monks are cisgender males who practice monasticism. Monasticism means a lifestyle that requires adherence to a vow of celibacy and poverty.

The goal of this lifestyle is to have a deeper religious understanding and dedication to good works. Below is a collection of awesome monk names drawn from different traditions.

Unique monk names

If you are looking for unique, distinctive, eccentric, and funny monk names, check out the collection below.

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  • Adhiarja: Safety
  • Agung: Grand or great
  • Ananada: One who is prosperous
  • Brahmadhvaja: Warrior of God
  • Bu: He who is a leader
  • Budi: To have a reason, mind, or character
  • Chaiya: Victory
  • Chakan: An able-bodied person
  • Chalerm: Celebrated
  • Chalermchai: A celebrated victory
  • Dachen: Great joy
  • Daido: The greatest way possible
  • Daiji: Filled with love and compassion
  • Daikaku: Enlightenment of the mind
  • Daikan: Active and powerful
  • Daiko: Powerful light
  • Jayasurya: Victorious sun
  • Jie: Pure and chaste
  • Jiao-long: Scaled dragon
  • Jikai: Sea of sympathy
  • Jin: Gold
  • Justen: Lawful
  • Kaizen: Continuous improvements
  • Kamnan: The head of the village
  • Kanshin: Open heart
  • Karabir: Brave with the God's grace
  • Keisho: He promotes the wisdom
  • Kittichat: Famous clan or belonging to a famous clan
  • Koshing: Step by step upwards
  • Ryotan: Complete fulfillment
  • Soten: Heavenly ancestor
  • Takaya: One who has respect for someone
  • Takuma: Open truth
  • Tanawat: Knowledge
  • Tengen: Heavenly eyes
  • Zoho: Hidden treasure

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Cool monk names

Cool monk names
A man in a yellow long-sleeved robe. Photo: pexels.com, @RDNE Stock project (modified by author)
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Below is a collection of fresh and refreshing names to consider.

  • A-wut: Weapon
  • Adika: The first child of the second husband
  • Anh: Brave or hero
  • Bagaskoro: Sun rays
  • Banko: Everlasting
  • Banyu: Water
  • Bassui: High above average
  • Bat Erdene: Strong jewel
  • Bataar: A heroic figure
  • Chaloem: The apex
  • Champo: Friendly
  • Channarong: An experienced warrior
  • Chenghiz: He who is greatest and wise
  • Chingis: Great and wise
  • Chuluun: He who is strong as stone
  • Dainin: One who has great patience
  • Daishin: Truthful; one who has a pure soul
  • Eisho: Eternal illumination
  • Fudoki: Unmoving wisdom
  • Kokoro: Heart, mind, and feelings
  • Nyunt: Blossom
  • Paitoon: A beautiful gemstone found in Thailand
  • Pasang: Venus or Friday
  • Phassakorn: Sun
  • Phichit: To win
  • Phyu: White
  • Ritthirong: Good at fighting
  • Shikai: Entire world
  • Sirichai: Glorious victory
  • Somchair: One who is macho and manly
  • Sopheak: Gentle face
  • Sovay: He is like gold
  • Sud: Tiger
  • Sukhbataar: Axe hero
  • Wang Jing: Clear essence or gentle spirit

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Amazing monk names

awesome monk names with meanings
Monks walking in line on a sidewalk. Photo: pexels.com, @Sadaham Yathra (modified by author)
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If you are looking for an amazing name with a cool meaning, check out the options below.

  • Anuman: Small patience
  • Asnee: Lightning
  • Atid: The sun
  • Aung: Success
  • Bankei: Ten thousand blessings
  • Banzan: Indestructible mountain
  • Batbayar: Strong joy
  • Batjargal: Firm happiness
  • Bolin: An elder brother of the rain
  • Boon-Mee: A lucky and fortunate boy
  • Boon-Nam: One born with a good fortune
  • Chinshu: A calm, soothing place
  • Chinua: Blessings from God
  • Fuji: One who is prosperous or flourishing
  • Jahleel: One who has hope in God
  • Jahlee: A god-like person
  • Itsuki: Tree
  • Tenzin: Protector of Dharma
  • Thagyamin: Change or transfer
  • Thaung: Burmese word for ten thousand
  • Thet: He who is calm
  • Thien: He who is smooth
  • Thiha: Lion
  • Thuan: He who is tamed
  • Thuy: A friendly man
  • Tomiche: A wealthy and prosperous person
  • Tomohiro: Broad wisdom or knowledge
  • Tomorbaatar: Hero
  • Ulagan: A worldly man
  • Wang lei: King
  • Wunna: Gold
  • Yarzar: King
  • Yonten: Knowledge
  • Yul: Far from the horizon
  • Zuiki: To delightedly follow

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Buddha monk names

Buddha monk names
Monks holding umbrellas walking on a pathway. Photo: pexels.com, @Quang Nguyen Vinh (modified by author)
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While some people opt for energetic, rough and tough names, there are still others drawn to options with spiritual connections. Here is a list of spiritual Buddha monk names.

  • Anurak: The male angel in Thai mythology
  • Arban: A fluent man
  • Arkar: Sky
  • Asahi: Morning sun
  • Bagus: Handsome or excellent
  • Bakti: An obedient boy
  • Batsaikhan: He who is strong and nice
  • Boddhidharma: A person who is a follower of Buddhism
  • Bodhidharma: One who has an all-pervading awakened and enlighted mind
  • Buddhamitra: A friend of Buddha
  • Budh: One who is enlightened
  • Bupposo: Name meaning Buddha-Dharma-Sangha
  • Butsugen: Buddha's eye
  • Butsuju: Life of Buddha
  • Candavira: A male name for those who are Buddhists
  • Chorei: Transparent spirituality
  • Chosui: Water that is pure and fit for drinking purposes
  • Chozen: Clear and transparent
  • Chuanchen: Persuasion
  • Daivika: Related to the gods
  • Dampa: Sacred
  • Frodo: One who is very wise
  • Gildor: The creator of joy or happiness
  • Hlaing: Plentiful
  • Hemlal: One of the names of Buddha
  • Inzali: Prayer or offerings
  • Shen: Chinese for a cautious and calm giant
  • Tarkhan: He who is skilful
  • Temujin: Made of iron
  • Tenpa: Buddhist doctrine
  • Yuu: Excellence
  • Yuuto: Tender person

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WOW monk names

WOW monk names
A monk holding prayer beads on a mountain. Photo: pexels.com, @Thai Nhan (modified by author)
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In World of Warcraft (WOW), monks are true Zen masters. They strike with precision and grace to inflict maximum damage on their enemies. Below are good WOW monk names to consider for your next character.

  • Batuhan: Hard or strong
  • Batukhan: A firm ruler
  • Batzorig: Courageous and strong
  • Bhadrapala: Protector of goodness
  • Bi: A Chinese name meaning Green Jade
  • Buu: Chief
  • Cahya: Light in darkness
  • Cais: Rejoicing individual
  • Candrasurya: A moon-like man
  • Canh: The endlessness of the environment
  • Cetan: Hawk
  • Chaghatai: Baby
  • Chaisai: Victory
  • Dasbala: A powerful man from the heart
  • Jari: The warrior
  • Legolas: A rare and unpopular name which refers to green leaves
  • Nali: Needle
  • Regin: Great or vast
  • Ohnmar: Insane
  • Oktai: He who understands
  • Otgonbayar: Youngest joy
  • Orochi: Big snake
  • Panoptes: All eyed
  • Sindri: Spark
  • Titalia: To burn
  • Tokushitsu: Virtue chamber
  • Toshin: Penetrating truth
  • Tokuon: Helpful sound
  • Uni: The content one
  • Úri: The smith

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Famous Buddhist monk names include Brewslee, Pandamonium, Kegroll, Jetchi, Bambooze, Daftmonk, Shenzu, Brewswillis, and Brewtality.

Do monks have special names?

Yes, they do. A Dharma name is a new name acquired during a Buddhist initiation ritual in Mahayana Buddhism and monk ordination in Theravada Buddhism.

What are some good names for a monk character in a game?

There are hundreds of good names for monk characters in a game. Check out the collection above for inspiration.

What is the name of the warrior monks?

Warrior monk names include Brahmadhvaja, Channarong, and Jari.

There are multiple monk names to choose from in contemporary society. The awesome and cool options explored above should be considered when looking for a name for your little one.

Awesome monk names
Photo: canva.com (modified by author)
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