What is a beta male: definition, characteristics, personality

What is a beta male: definition, characteristics, personality

The beta male is usually in supporting roles, rarely in the spotlight, unlike the alpha male. He likes it this way; however, his preference is largely misinterpreted by society. Many assume that he follows the lead of the alpha because he is either too afraid or lacks the confidence and belief in himself to be the leading male.

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The truth is, unlike the alpha that relies on aesthetics and strength of character (and body) to attract a mate, the beta is all about emotional intelligence and talent in various areas of life.

There are many commendable beta male traits that people overlook because they are fixated on the alpha. What does it mean to be a beta male? Here is a comprehensive breakdown of this personality.

Beta male definition

What is a beta male? He is the subordinate man in a particular group. He tends to assume a passive role in society.

He is the type of guy who is more commonly associated with being a friend to everyone he meets. Although he is quirky, lovable, reliable, and kind, he is not one to steal the spotlight from the alpha.

The beta personality explained

The beta male definition paints a picture of submissiveness, which is very accurate. He is quite moderate in his approach to life, and his nice-guy personality gets him by. Although he is quite likeable, his nice-guy personality lets people take advantage of him every now and then.

Beta males generally play by the rules of society. They do not question monogamy, morality, religion, or any other social norms. They are definitely more sensitive and less aggressive than an alpha male and a lot more grounded.

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They take criticism well and show better collaborative skills. Their reserved nature and introvert-like behavior come at a cost. They are the guys who were really quiet and nerdy while in school.

As a result, they were probably bullied and might suffer from low self-esteem in their adult life. However, some survive the horrible experiences and grow up to be light-hearted, emotional nice guys, who are also a bit idealistic!

Women usually prefer such a man to an alpha for a life partner, especially if an alpha has broken her heart. Women nowadays seek men who are more rational with their emotions.

While the 'bad boy' image may work for some men, women actually love to settle with someone who is more upfront with his feelings, reliable and emotionally present.

How can you tell if a man is a beta?

Now that you know the beta male meaning, you must be curious about the defining characteristics such a man should have. Whether you are a man who is curious about his personality, or a woman who needs to know what to look out for in a potential spouse, here are 5 beta male characteristics you should know about.

1. He is not competitive

He will never take an irrational challenge or compete against something they do not deem fit. Although he challenges himself every day, he does not feel threatened by outsiders who seem to be doing better than he is.

He is calm in his perspective and approach. As a result, he will only engage in causes he truly cares about.

2. He purposely creates social connections

What is a beta male
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For such a man, friendship is a form of self-defence. He avoids direct conflicts and always wants to be friends with others.

He makes low demands on his friends and requires the same attitude to himself. He demands respect for himself, not on the basis of good deeds but on the basis of friendship.

3. He is in tune with his emotions

The beta understands that showing a certain emotion is not a mark of weakness. Instead, it shows that you are human. Therefore, he is quick to confess his feelings and is always mindful of others. This quality makes him a great spouse and coworker.

4. He is collaborative

He plays by the rules wherever he is. At work, he is more likely to do things as instructed and delivers on time.

In society, he is less likely to break the law and does his best to adhere to social norms. As a result, he works well with others and is an asset to any workplace.

5. He is altruistic

When he helps others, it is truly for altruistic purposes. Every time he does something for another person—whether it's volunteering at a shelter or helping an old lady cross the street— it is because his heart is in the right place. This is why many define beta male as reliable and trustworthy.

What is a beta in a relationship?

In a relationship, beta men exhibit the following characteristics.

1. Emotionally available

You may not get the massive fireworks at the start of a relationship with him. You might even dismiss him, at first, as boring. However, if you give him the time of day, you will realize that he will always show up when you need him.

A beta is more in touch with his feelings. He knows the importance of communication and words of affirmation. As a man who is perceived to be "weaker," he has experienced the kind of emotional turmoil that only comes with being vulnerable, and he would never want you to experience the same.

2. Passionate lover

Beta male traits
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A beta male can be very romantic because he does not care whether other people think he is lame or cheesy. He will go out of his way to buy flowers, take you out or simply leave a romantic note on the fridge.

While getting intimate, he is careful and slow enough to ask what pleases you and what makes you happy. His satisfaction is just as important to him as yours.

3. Secure in himself

He does not feel threatened and has no need for jealousy. While in a relationship with this man, you do not have to ask permission to spend time alone with your closest friends, male or female.

He is secure enough in his own skin to know that he does not need the kind of attention an alpha male craves. So, he loves a chance to stay at home and do something calm and peaceful.

4. Respectful

He does not think that he is better than others and treats everyone with respect. Therefore, he will always consider your needs as much as he considers his. You will enjoy a loving relationship because this man will treat you exactly how he wants to be treated.

5. Willing to let his spouse take the lead

Such a man is least likely to be a control freak. His passive attitude to life makes him very willing to let you take the lead on more than one occasion. While you may have to make more decisions than you would like, you will always have the reassurance that he supports you no matter what.

A beta male is often perceived as weak, which is not the case. Men with this personality are respectful, thoughtful, and sociable. Unlike alphas, they do not feel the need to compete over everything in life. Contrary to popular belief, their qualities make them great workmates and spouses.

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