Top 10 best Bible stories for kids to read to your children

Top 10 best Bible stories for kids to read to your children

All Bible stories have moral lessons that benefit our kids. Given that the Bible is God-inspired, its teachings correct, rebuke, and direct. Bible stories for kids teach our children how to become morally upright.

Bible stories for kids
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Through its lessons, our kids can resist evil and live more responsibly. It is through the holy book that we find inspiring characters like Abraham, Noah, Esther, Ruth, and Joseph.

It is also through it that we teach our kids about the existence of the devil, Satan. More importantly, the stories assure our kids and us of God's unconditional love.

The timing of the word of God is always right, and his promises never fail. So, there is no better read than the Bible.

10 must-read Bible stories for kids

What are the most famous Bible stories? We list 10 of the most most popular Bible stories with moral lessons for children.

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10. The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32)

Jesus uses parables in most childrens Bible stories, and the Prodigal Son is one of them. It describes God's universal love.

There lived a rich man who had two sons. His younger son became greedy and asked for his inheritance. When accorded, he moved to a faraway place and spent it all.

When he saw that he was starving, he chose to look for work in a rich man's home. The only available job was to feed pigs, and he had no option but to agree.

Amidst the adversity, the boy missed home and realized his mistake. He thought that even his father's helpers ate better than him.

That is when he made his mind to go back to his father and ask for forgiveness. He said,

"I will ask my father to forgive me and take me as one of his servants."

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When the father saw his son at a distance, his heart jumped with joy. The caring father forgave his son and prepared a feast for him. He did not accept him as a servant but as a 'son who was lost but now is found.'

Moral lesson

God loves us all equally and is very forgiving. He is caring enough to absolve our sins when we are just to confess and repent. He does not hold on to our past mistakes but allows us to start anew.

9. The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37)

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There is no better way to explain who one's neighbor is from a Christian standing than to refer to the Good Samaritan. Luke shares fun Bible lessons for kids when he quotes Jesus explaining to a law expert who his neighbor is.

A man was heading to Jerusalem when he was mugged. The assailants took everything he had and left him for dead. He could not move and hoped for a passerby to come to his rescue.

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The first person to pass by was a priest. Upon seeing the wounded man, the priest went his way and never bothered to help. The same thing happened with the second passerby, a Levite.

Then came a Samaritan. He immediately felt pity for the hurt man and decided to help. He attended to his injuries and went a step further to book him in an inn where he could be looked after properly.

When Jesus was done narrating the parable, he turned to the law expert and asked, "Who among the three can the wounded man call his neighbor?" Without a doubt, the law expert answered, "The Samaritan."

Then Jesus concluded by declaring, "Go and do likewise."

Moral lesson

We should love everyone the way we would want them to love us. That is the best way we can show our love to God. The priest and the Levite claimed to be men of God but could not do the Godly act of helping the wounded man. In essence, they did not love God.

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8. Jesus feeds the 5,000 (Mark 6: 34-44)

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Jesus epitomizes care, sensitivity, and kindness in Mark 6: 34 - 44. This inspirational children Bible story is a must-read for your kids.

Jesus was teaching about 5,000 people. When it got late, his disciples approached him and asked that he sends the crowd into the villages to eat. Since Jesus was naturally kind, he felt compassion for them and told his disciples that they ought to feed the people.

Andrew, one of the disciples, said,

"There are only two fish and five loaves."

Jesus then asked them to bring the fish and bread and blessed it.

To everyone's surprise, the food multiplied, and they had more than enough to feed everyone. What is more, 12 basketfuls remained.

Moral lesson

God is a provider, and He is capable of feeding His own even in scarcity. It is also important to show concern and care for the poor as Jesus did.

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7. Annunciation and birth of Christ (Luke 1 & 2)

Do you wonder where Christmas originates? A good number of Christians believe that it has everything to do with the birth of Jesus Christ. Luke 1 and 2 describes one of the most intriguing and humble children Bible stories.

It all begins with a virgin called Mary. An angel appeared to her and prophesied that she would become pregnant and bear a child. According to the angel, the child would be called Jesus and would become the savior of humanity.

Mary was so bothered since she could not understand how this could happen, given that she was a virgin. The angel, however, assured her and Joseph (the man she was betrothed to) that the child would be born of the Holy Spirit.

It happened as the angel had foretold, and Mary became expectant. When the time came for Mary to bear a son, she and Joseph headed for Bethlehem.

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It was during the census and thus there was no place for them in the inn. Consequently, Jesus was born in a manger as prophesied.

At that time, an angel appeared to some shepherds in the fields to give them the good news. They were informed that a savior was born in Bethlehem, and they chose to go and see him.

The shepherds were directed by a star to where the Messiah was. That day became an essential date in Christianity. It is commemorated every year by Christians all over the world.

Moral lesson

Christ Jesus was born in a humanly way to save humanity. He is the ransom to cover us from the first sin (that of Adam and Eve).

6. David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17)

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The story of David and Goliath is one of the most taught Bible stories for children. It is a common reference point when an underdog conquers an overwhelming favorite. In this case, David signifies the underdog while Goliath denotes the overwhelming favorite.

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After King Saul sinned against God, God became disappointed in him. He, therefore, asked Prophet Samuel to anoint Saul's successor who would come from the house of Jesse.

Jesse had eight sons. After being shown the first seven, Samuel insisted on being shown the eighth (David).

Hesitantly, Jesse did so, and Samuel confirmed that David would become Saul's successor. David was then anointed as he waited for his time to be king.

One day, a philistine giant by the name Goliath challenged the Israelites in a battle. No one could step up to him except one boy, David. The young, brave David chose to face the giant with his slingshot.

Since God appointed him, David managed to shoot down Goliath with his slingshot. To everyone's dismay, the young shepherd killed Goliath, and this meant a victory for the Israelites.

The Philistines had no choice but to flee for their lives. The once coward Israelites all over sudden became brave and chased after the Philistines and managed to conquer them.

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Moral lesson

God does not consider how one looks or how old they are. Instead, He looks at the heart. He can use whoever He wants to fulfill his purpose, and He has the power to make a mighty challenge look small. It, however, takes bravery and faith in God, as demonstrated by David.

5. Moses and the Burning Bush (Exodus 3 & 4)

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The call of Moses is a Bible story for kids that explains how God can use anyone to accomplish his purpose.

When Moses was sheepherding, he saw a burning bush. He became inquisitive and decided to approach it. That is when he heard the voice of God instructing him to remove his sandals as he was treading on sacred ground.

Moses did as directed. God told him that he should go to Egypt and set the enslaved Israelites free. However, Moses had several concerns.

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For one, he was afraid of going back since he had killed an Egyptian. He also believed it would be hard to convince Pharaoh, the ruler, that he was sent by God.

God then directed him to drop his staff and it turned to a snake. When Moses picked the serpent up, it reverted to a rod.

With absolute trust in God's purpose, Moses eventually agreed to go to Egypt to set the Israelites free.

Moral lesson

God can choose anyone to serve his purpose irrespective of age, past, or status. When chosen, we have to obey the call of God. We should be prepared to go where he sends us.

4. Abraham – God's friend (Genesis 17-22)

Abraham is Biblically known as the 'Father of Nations.' But, did you know that he was once childless? Genesis 17- 22 describes one of the most celebrated children's Bible stories about God, the keeper of promises.

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There was once a man whose name was Abraham. Abraham was faithful and loyal to God.

Sadly, he had no offspring and was at an age where having children with his wife Sarah was humanly impossible. Abraham was already 99 when God revealed to him that he would have a son.

Though Abraham had laid with Sarah's maidservant Hagar and had a son, Ishmael, he (Ishmael) was not the son of promise. The son of promise was to be born to Abraham's wife Sarah and was to be named Isaac.

It happened as God had promised. God then decided to test Abraham. He asked His faithful servant to sacrifice his son Isaac, which Abraham agreed.

After seeing his loyalty, God stopped Abraham from slaughtering his son. God then showed Abraham a sheep caught in the bush that Abraham sacrificed in place of Isaac.

Moral lesson

Our God is faithful. He always keeps His word, no matter how long it takes.

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3. Noah and the Ark (Genesis 6-8)

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Everyone who has read a children's Bible knows about the story of Noah. According to Genesis 6 - 8, Noah was a great man and a friend of God.

There was once a God-loving and obedient man called Noah. He lived at a time when sin was widespread that it compelled God to destroy the earth and all its inhabitants.

But since Noah was blameless, God decided to save him and his household. So, God told Noah of His plan to destroy the earth via a flood.

God instructed him to build an ark with many rooms. When Noah and his household were building the ark, the people would look at them and laugh. They even became hostile to Noah.

It took years for the giant ark to be ready, and upon its completion, God advised Noah to bring in all kinds of animals and birds (male and female).

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God then directed Noah and his family to go in before shutting the door completely. They patiently waited as God brought the rains.

It rained heavily, but not even Noah could open the ark's door to save those who were drowning outside. The Bible confirms that it rained for 40 days, and nothing was left standing on the face of the earth.

Since God's favor was upon Noah, the waters of the flood lifted the ark, and not even a drop got in. When the land dried, God spoke to his servant Noah, instructing him to get out of the ark.

Moral lesson

God has the power to destroy evil but He can also save the blameless like Noah.

2. The first sin (Genesis 3)

Genesis 3 explains the origin of sin, and it is one of the most eye-opening kids Bible stories. The chapter describes how the first humans fell short in the beginning.

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When God made the first humans (Adam and Eve), he gave them control over the birds and sea creatures, as well as plants and land animals. Adam even received the favor of naming all animals.

God's purpose was for Adam and Eve to live a beautiful life. So, he created a beautiful garden called the Garden of Eden and filled it with all kinds of fruit-bearing trees. The creator allowed them to eat from all trees except one.

One day, the serpent challenged Eve to eat from the forbidden tree to become as knowledgeable as God. The crafty serpent, who was the Devil in disguise, managed to trick her, and she ate the forbidden fruit.

What is worse, she took some of it to her husband Adam, and he also ate it. On that day, Adam and Eve disobeyed God and committed the first sin.

God was so disappointed in them, and He chose to banish them from the beautiful garden. Their disobedience was also accompanied by severe consequences. Adam, Eve and the serpent were cursed.

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From that day, the serpent and humans became enemies. The woman was cursed to bear children in pain. As for the man, the ground was cursed.

God's initial plan was for humans to live forever in the Garden of Eden. But since they sinned, they lost that right, and death became inevitable.

Moral lesson

We should always obey God. Disobedience of God's laws comes with severe consequences as Adam and Eve came to find out.

1. The Creation Story (Genesis 1&2)

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Ever wondered who created the universe? What about humans and animals? The answer is found in one of the best Bible stories for kids, the creation story.

In the very beginning, nothing was in existence other than God. Darkness covered the face of everything. There was no earth, no heaven, no day and no night.

God then said, 'Let there be light.' That is how He made day and night on the first day.

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On the second day, God made the sky to separate heaven from the earth. On the third day, he made the land and the sea.

God then created the sun to mark the day and the moon and stars to mark the night. That happened on the fourth day.

God then created the birds and the fish on the fifth day and commanded them to multiply. And on the sixth day, God created land animals and the first human from the dust, and He called him Adam.

God then thought, why don't I make Adam a helper? He took one rib from the man and made a woman who He called Eve. God then ordered the two to have dominion over the earth and multiply.

On the seventh day, God rested.

Moral lesson

God is sovereign and all-powerful. He was there from the beginning, and all creations originate from Him.

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Generally, Bible stories for kids are an excellent tool for passing moral lessons to our children. They feature practical examples that the young ones can relate to. You can use them to identify weaknesses and vices in your kids that need reproaching and virtues that need upholding.


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