OPINION: Tribute to Ihedioha, Agabi, Justice Nweze and the rest of us by AIC Akwarandu

OPINION: Tribute to Ihedioha, Agabi, Justice Nweze and the rest of us by AIC Akwarandu

Editor's note: AIC Akwarandu, a media aide to Honourable Emeka Ihedioha, pays glowing tribute to the former governor of Imo state for his steadfastness in the face of political tribulations while chronicling his ascension to power before a controversial Supreme Court judgement sent him packing. Akwarandu also made mention of Kanu Agabi, SAN for his courageous role in pursuing justice for Ihedioha and Justice Chima Centus Nweze whose dissenting judgement earned him praise from many quarters.

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The journey to Ihedioha's victorious declaration as the governor of Imo state on the 11th of March 2019, began immediately after his loss in the 2015 polls. The 2015 election was very instructive to him as he became exposed to the intricacies of Imo politics.

Ihedioha embarked on a door-to-door campaign. Despite being resident in Abuja at the time, he was in Imo almost every other week.

He sincerely identified with the people, and in return, the people fell in love with his personality.

OPINION: Tribute to Ihedioha, Agabi, Justice Nweze and the rest of us by AIC Akwarandu
Ihedioha's 8 months in office was one of the best in the history of Imo state.
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Ihedioha attracted deep support with ease across the state. He didn’t need an introduction at events. He sold himself to the people and this earned the PDP victory during the 2019 election, not just for the governorship but in the State Assembly and National Assembly elections. Indeed, Ihedioha was and still remains the torchbearer of the PDP in Imo state.

As a governor, Ihedioha’s only “crime” was his commitment to #DueProcess. There are things you cannot even discuss with him. There are things you won't even have the courage to tell him. Once it's not about Ndi Imo, forget it.

The conspiracy against him was because of his firm belief in Imo state and its development. Ihedioha could have sacrificed some state allocation to remain in power, but he never did. He was committed to the welfare of the people, the pensioners and the entirety of Ndi Imo.

As a governor, he stepped on toes if it became necessary, and I am very much aware that the man Ihedioha has no regrets for his actions while at the helm of affairs in Imo state. He was always guided by the principle of government of the people, by the people and of the people.

The man Ihedioha is a very courageous man who is always deliberate in his action. He proposed a bright future for Imo, tackling its challenges from all angles. For me, the dream of Rebuilding Imo is not conquered.

I take solace in the fact that Ihedioha has paid his dues in Imo state and Nigeria at large. He has made the supreme sacrifice. It is obvious even to the beneficiary that they are seating on a stolen mandate.

For the Supreme Court, this judgment has gone down in the annals of history as the worst ever delivered by justices of the apex court. Even when the errors were very clear even to a layman, the judges ignored everything to protect their ego and selfish interests.

Like Justice Nweze notes, the judgment will continue to haunt judicial jurisprudence in this country. Yes, Ihedioha’s appeal was dismissed, but his voice has been heard across the globe. Posterity shall no doubt protect him for greater tasks.

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Kanu Agabi, a two-time Attorney General and Minister of Justice, as well as a former minister for solid mineral development, is a solicitor at the Supreme Court, with many decades of experience.

Agabi in several ways gave life to the review application. At every sitting, he was completely in total control of the situation. There's no doubting the fact that he knew what he was asking for.

Even though the other side severally carried fake news of his withdrawal from the case but Agabi remained resolute to the cause.

At some point, he was quoted by Vanguard as saying that he was “emotionally” committed to the matter.

The fact that Agabi led team was not fined even when the nation they brought was dismissed goes a long way to show that though the matter was dismissed for not having merit, indeed there was merit in it.

I do hope that the jurisprudential history of this nation will one day be written with men like Agabi taking the centre stage.


When a lone voice becomes loudest.

Justice Chima Centus Nweze will no doubt remain a reference point when discussions are made about honest and honourable Justices of Nigeria’s Supreme Court. He singled himself out from having a hand in the death of “that boy that calls him father.”

Justice Chima Centus Nweze in his dissenting judgement set aside the January 14 judgement of the Supreme court as a nullity and in bad faith.

Justice Nweze nullified the declaration of Hope Uzodinma as governor on account of the wrong declaration and held that Uzodinma mischievously misled the court into unjust conclusion with the unverified votes in 388 polling units.

It's interesting to note that Justice Nweze was not a member of the initial panel that sat on the Ihedioha vs Uzodinma matter on January 14th. His emergence as a member of the panel came after the retirement of Justice Amiru Sanusi, who retired with a bad judicial history as being one of those who delivered the ungodly judgment in Imo state.

Justice Nweze stood out, being the lone voice in a panel of 7, He became the loudest afterwards.

The fact is that Justice Nweze’s dissenting judgment shall remain a burden to the judiciary and everybody that had hand in the injustice perpetrated in Imo.

We shall never quit until we get the system sanitized.

Imo Bu Nke Anyi Nile!!!

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