Kizz Daniel - Pak 'n' Go: audio, lyrics, reactions

Kizz Daniel - Pak 'n' Go: audio, lyrics, reactions

The brand new song by Kizz Daniel - Pak ‘n’ Go is lit. The artist displays his admirable musical abilities and gives a reason why he is the singer to watch out for. Have you listened to the song?

This the second song by the artist this year, coming after the previous hit ‘Eko’. The highly skilled DJ Coublon produced the song. It has amazing beats and lyrics that will keep you listening over and over again.

Kizz Daniel - Pak 'n' Go description

  • Release date: October 3rd, 2019
  • Format: Audio
  • Genre: Afrobeat
  • Producer: DJ Coublon
  • Length: 2 minutes 42 seconds

The song is a piece of advice to ladies who take long to settle and instead flirt hoping to land a perfect and ready-made man as a husband. According to him, they should pick a man before their ‘bobby touches their belly.’

Kizz Daniel - Pak 'n' Go reviews and comments

So far, the hit has attracted numerous reviews and comments on different social media platforms as compiled below.

  • Vickie Berry: Young John's voice gives a kind of good feeling to this song. Well done Kizz Daniel
  • Mathis Karnwhine II: Finest single hit of 2019 so far...
  • noss vikee: All of us listening to this fabulous hit ... Poverty and Failure must pack and go
  • Gabriella Agbo: Kizz Daniel why didn’t you make the song 5 minutes longer?
  • PINCO Tv: Team: No bad songs all the way. Congratulations bro. Tell them
  • Adeyemi Adedapo: This is why I am charging my phone ooo... Kizz Daniel all the way.
  • Sylvia Afoma: Can't believe I am listening to one banger since 5 pm UAE time... I like this song anyway.
  • J Strings: I will love to do the cover of this music
  • Best A K Cruz: I look up to you Kizz; I can't sleep this night because of this song I keep dancing

Kizz Daniel - Pak 'n' Go lyrics

These are the lyrics of this fantastic song.


Yo yo yo


Baby girl you fine, you fine

Biko baby kanye wu (kanye wu)

Shey he no dey tire you ni OK

Many many people deu available ey, for you

If you call her pretty woman she say she no like am

Biko pack N Go ye eh ehe

And if you buy her Toyota she say she wan honda, Biko pack N Go

Pack N Go

Olomoge bigi bigi (bigi)

When will you marry? yeh

Until your body touch your belle o

Wey man no wan collect

Take am easy o yeh yeh

So if you buy her insiewu and she say you no buy shawarma Pak N go

And I you buy her okrika and she say she want the Gucci o Pak N go

Pak N Go

Hey! cutie cutie better

Jowo jowo lomo

Obe to dun owo lo pa oo

As you dey make the muller keep some for your baby

Make she no follow Alakigbo, Alakigbo no get toyo

So if you buy her insiewu and she say you no buy shawarma Pak N go

And I you buy her okrika and she say she want the Gucci o Pak N go

Pak N Go

Kizz Daniel - Pak 'n' Go download

If you wish to download the song, please use the reliable sites listed below.

What are your thoughts about Kizz Daniel - Pak ‘n’ Go? We would like to hear your honest opinion. Leave your views in the comment section below.


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