Airtel data plan: how to buy, plans, bundles, guidelines (2021)

Airtel data plan: how to buy, plans, bundles, guidelines (2021)

Airtel is one of the largest telecommunications service providers in Nigeria. It is popular because it has a large number of attractive tariff plans with internet services for its users. Find out how to buy an Airtel data plan right now.

Airtel data plan
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Today, it is difficult to imagine life without the internet.

How to buy an Airtel data plan

This company takes into account the needs of its customers. That is why there are a lot of options to choose from. If you are a new user or have struggles with how to buy Airtel data, we are here to help you.

Airtel data plan code
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In general, when it comes to Airtel data, these are many internet plans to choose from:

  • Daily/weekly
  • Monthly
  • Mega plans
  • Social plans
  • Instagram bundles
  • Top up bundles
  • Pay As You Use option

Daily and weekly plans

Airtel data balance
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These bundles are the most affordable. If you are searching for an answer to a question like, 'How can I get 1GB data on Airtel?' this is the easiest option.

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To get started, you will need to dial the code for Airtel data on your mobile phone:

Daily plans offer the following options:

  • 25 MB for N50, *141*50#
  • 75 MB for N100, *141*100#
  • 1 GB for N300, *141*354#
  • 2 GB for N500, *141*504#

Also, you may purchase a 3-day 200 MB bundle for 200 Naira (dial *141*200#).

Weekly plans come as follows:

  • 350 MB for N300, *141*300#
  • 1 GB for N500, *141*502#
  • 6 GB for N1,500, *141*1504#

A 2-week 750 MB bundle is available for 500 Naira (dial *141*500#).

Monthly plans

Check airtel data balance
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These bundles are perfect for those people who enjoy spending a lot of time surfing the web on their mobile devices.

  • 1.5 GB for N1,000, *141*1000#
  • 2 GB for N1,200, *141*1200#
  • 3 GB for N1,500, *141*1500#
  • 4.5 GB for N2,000, *141*2000#
  • 6 GB for N2,500, *141*2500#
  • 8 GB for N3,000, *141*3000#
  • 11 GB for N4,000, *141*4000#

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You are welcome to choose among any of the above-mentioned offers that are valid for 30 days.

Mega plans

airtel data plans
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If you are a heavy data user, you probably need more than regular packs can offer. For the most active users of the internet, the company has special mega packs.

  • 15 GB for N5,000, *141*5000#
  • 40 GB for N10,000, *141*10000#
  • 75 GB for N15,000, *141*15000#
  • 110 GB for N20,000, *141*20000#

They are also valid for 30 days, and they will provide you with plenty of gigabytes!

Social plans

airtel data code
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In case you need access to the internet mostly to use social networks, you will enjoy the so-called special Social Plans. They provide access to WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • 10 MB - 25 Naira for 1 day, *948*4# (WhatsApp only!)
  • 40 MB - 50 Naira for 1 day, *991*4# (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp)
  • 80 MB - 100 Naira for 5 days, *688*3# (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp)
  • 600 MB - 300 Naira for 25 days, *688*1# (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp)

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Note that the first plan gives access to chatting on WhatsApp only, and the last three give access to using Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Facebook and WhatsApp bundles

Also, there are three available options for those who need access to Facebook and WhatsApp only:

  • 100 MB - N25 for 1 day, *141*254# (*141*254*1# is the autorenewal opt-out code)
  • 200 MB - N50 for 1 week, *141*54# (*141*54*1# is the autorenewal opt-out code)
  • 500 MB - N100 for 1 month, *141*104# (*141*104*1# is the autorenewal opt-out code)

Instagram bundles

Airtel Night plan code
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These are special bundles particularly for Instagram:

  • 250 MB for N100, *141*105#
  • 1 GB for N200, *141*205#

Note that these plans are available for 1 day only.

Top up bundles

Airtel data balance code
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These bundles are a convenient way to top up your balance if you are out of data but want to stay connected. Here are the options:

  • 1 GB for 500 Naira, *141*11*9#
  • 2 GB for 1,000 Naira, *141*11*10#
  • 4 GB for 2,000 Naira, *141*11*11#
  • 10 GB for 5,000 Naira, *141*11*12#

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They are postpaid and you can buy any suitable one after your monthly plan is exhausted.

Opera bundles

Airtel unlimited data plan
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Opera Bundles are a perfect choice if you need to use Opera Mini and nothing else.

  • 25 MB for N20 (for 1 day), *141*253#
  • 100 MB for N50 (for 7 days), *141*53#
  • 300 MB for N100 (for 30 days), dial *141*103#

Note: Neither of these bundles allows downloads or video streaming.

Airtel 4G Plans

How to buy data on airtel
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If you wish to experience extra-fast 4G internet connection, try special Airtel 4G Bundles. Only make sure that you are going to use the data within an area that is covered by Airtel 4G routers. Otherwise, the plans will not work.

  • 10 GB for 5,000 Naira, dial *370# from your smartphone
  • 30 GB for 10,000 Naira, dial *370# from your smartphone
  • 60 GB for 15,000 Naira, dial *370# from your smartphone
  • 120 GB for 20,000 Naira, dial *370# from your smartphone

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All Airtel 4G offers that exist for the time being are valid for 30 days.

Pay As You Use

How to check data balance on airtel
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In a nutshell, this plan gives you an opportunity to use mobile internet at an affordable charge of just 3 Naira per 1 MB. To start using this service, you will need to dial *400#.

Buy data online

how to check airtel data balance
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There is also an opportunity to buy some of the Airtel data bundles online from an official website. You can choose from different daily and monthly plans, depending on how much megabytes you need.

In general, there are many options to pick from on the company's official website. All you will need to do is to select a suitable bundle, click on it and insert your telephone number. Now, if somebody asks you, 'How can I get Airtel data pack?' you can give them an elaborate answer.

Now you know everything you need to know about how to buy any Airtel data plan that suits your needs. As you can see, everyone can choose an option that will be suitable just for him or her. Such a variety of alternatives is really wonderful as it can save you a lot of money. What is more important, you will always be able to stay connected and have instant access to the internet.

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