How to get a deeper voice: top 5 exercises

How to get a deeper voice: top 5 exercises

At one point, we have all listened to ourselves talking, could be from an audio recorder or video. For most people, they have complained about their voice after listening to it from a device for the first time, myself included. Since our voices are not as deep as we think, let me enlighten you on how to get a deeper voice.

How to get a deeper voice

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When we talk, our vocal cords create vibrations inside the skull. These vibrations then travel through the skull to the eardrums. However, as they move through the bone, they lower in pitch as a result of spreading out. This is why when we listen to a recording, we tend to notice that our pitch is higher than we thought. So, is it possible to deepen the voice? Yes! It is very possible. However, if you want to go down this road, it is necessary that you practice patience and consistency as the changes won’t happen overnight. As I will not be mentioning any strenuous activities here, ensure that you stick to the rules of the game to achieve the excellent and desirable results you are looking for. Now, let us get to the most exciting part. What do you need to do to make your voice deep?

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Use your diaphragm to breathe

Breathe in right now and pay attention to your shoulders. Did they move? If your answer is a yes, then you’ve been doing it all wrong. I know you may be wondering what I mean and this is something you have been doing since birth. When I learned this technique a few years back, it was mind-blowing. I mean, I started breathing since birth. How can I have been doing it wrong? So, this kind of breathing is referred to as shallow breathing, and so many people actually do it. When shallow breathing, much of the effort is shifted to the upper half of the torso. This creates much tension on both the vocal cords and the neck.

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One of the best tricks on how to get a deeper voice is when inhaling, start shifting the effort downward to enable the stomach to flex out as your shoulders remain still. When doing this, you will feel like your abs are summoning the air. This simple change has led to incredible results in the shift in people’s voices in terms of deepness. As this is a new habit that you will be adapting to, it is expected that you will sometimes forget diaphragmatic breathing. Therefore, you could start by setting reminders on your phone until it becomes a habit.

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How to get a deeper voice

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Begin strengthening your neck muscles

When you place both your hands on the sides of your neck, you will feel two muscles that run down from the back of your ears to your collarbone. These muscles are referred to as sternocleidomastoids. Whenever they get tense, you will notice a rise in pitch since they will tug on the vocal cords. Therefore, it is necessary that they are always relaxed as this practice is considered as one of the best voice deepening exercises. Additionally, it is essential to stretch the neck on a regular to relieve any tension.

How to get a deeper voice

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Is water your friend?

Take some time and think about how often you drink water because this is a contributing factor to voice deepening. Dehydration leads to shrinking of the vocal cords, thus leaving your voice squeaky and thin. As many people do not drink the amount of water recommended, there has been a strikingly low number of people with deep voices. You want to know how to make your voice deeper? Ensure that you drink at least 3-4 liters of water every day. If you are in doubt of this tip, try it yourself and be the judge. You’ll thank me later.

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How to get a deeper voice

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How to get a deeper voice through voice monotony

For a long time now, men with deep voices have been considered to be more attractive to women. It is possible to mimic this by maintaining a monotonous tone throughout one’s speech. This is because the majority of people cannot differentiate between the two. There are actors who have monotone voices but are considered to have deep voices. One great example is Clint Eastwood. He is a great living example of how to lower your voice using voice monotony.

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Learn to speak slowly

As your goal is to know how to deepen your voice, you should try speaking slower, ensuring that you pronounce each word articulately. You could start by lowering your tone at the start and end of your speech. You won’t even realize when it comes naturally out of habit. However, it is okay to take a break whenever you feel like there is a strain in your vocal cords to avoid any possible harm.

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When you set your mind to do anything positive, never allow yourself to get discouraged before attaining the end goal. All you need to do is incorporate the required hard work and persistence to these guidelines on how to get a deeper voice. Therefore, ensure that you relentlessly practice the five exercises stated above to achieve great results. All the best!

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