Lilan Bowden bio: age, height, ethnicity, movies and TV shows

Lilan Bowden bio: age, height, ethnicity, movies and TV shows

Lilan Bowden: who is she? An actress? A comedian? A writer? Most people know her as Rebecca from the “Andy Mack” sitcom. This brave young woman is also an example and a role model for all those people who want to achieve their goals. Her biography plainly shows how many obstacles a person may need to overcome to reach her dream. You are welcome to discover them and admire the strong will and decisiveness of this strong woman.

Lilan Bowden bio: age, height, ethnicity, movies and TV shows
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It happens that young people who want to become actors have to overcome a range of difficulties. They often face hard work as waiters or janitors, suffer from poverty or even hunger. Some of them lose their will and give up, but others overcome all obstacles. Lil is one of those who finds her path through thorns.

The most noticeable Lilan Bowden movies and TV shows

Lilan has an impressive list of feature films (35 roles so far) and TV (39 roles including the one that is yet in the process of production) appearances. Of course, one of the brightest characters of hers is Bex in “Andy Mack” – it is what practically everybody knows. Feature film appearances like those in direct-to-video “Rise of the Zombies” or “Nazis at the Center of the Earth” are memorable, too, even though almost ten years have passed since the moment of their release.

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Getting to the screens was a tough task for Lilan, mostly due to her unique appearance. Mixed Asian and European features of her face have always forced cast managers to refuse her or give her only the roles of a specific type. This obstacle was one of the biggest on Lilan’s path when she was striving for acting though auditions.

Lilan spent a lot of time searching blindly for an opportunity to have a role. Everything that she received at auditions was the same character, a supporting role of somebody’s Asian friend and nothing more. The role of Bex was a breakthrough in her career, as she finally received the role of an independent person, not just a piece of some minority.

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Ms Bowden has always wanted to become an actress. She has been craving for this profession too passionately and so devotedly that even her parents were shocked by her zest. She has definitely put her energy and passion into the role of Bex, and this is one of the reasons why people love this character so much.

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How old is Lilan Bowden?

The future actress was born on September 1, the year 1985 in Castro Valley, CA. She used to live in this same city and completed her high school education there, too. Her further education took place at the University of California, and since graduation, she has lived in Los Angeles.

At the moment, Lilan Bowden age is 33 full years. She will turn 34 in September 2019. However, she looks much younger and very fresh in any situation.

Several quick facts from Lilan Bowden bio

As said above, the actress was born in California, to an American father and a Taiwanese mother. This mixture of nations has created a very hot cocktail of bloods and genes in her veins and gave her the fiery decisive temperament and a unique and interesting appearance. This appearance has puzzled many people who saw the actress on the screen. Diverse questions regarding Lilan Bowden ethnicity are among the most popular ones concerning this actress.

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The actress also has a younger brother, Jason.

There is no information about other siblings. It is quite possible that there are none, except for the named brother. Neither there is any additional information about the actress’s parents.

Before becoming famous, Lilan spent several years acting with a group of sketch comedy artists known as Upright Citizens Brigade. They gave her the necessary live acting skills and developed her comedy talent. The sense of humour had always played an essential role in her life, especially at the hardest times, when she had to struggle for good roles.

The beginning of its development happened around the time she joined the mentioned group of comedians. This time was also the start of her writing attempts. Ms Bowden tried her hand at writing for “Funny or Die”, a web resource dedicated to funny stuff of diverse types.

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Every celebrity has private sides of life that are always especially interesting to fans. Personal life of Ms Bowden is not revealed yet. She is supposedly single even though she used to mention some mysterious boyfriend on her social media several years ago.

Later, in 2018, she posted a message accompanied by a picture of her dressed as a bride, from “Andi Mack”. In the message, the actress accentuated that the only marriage she was ready for is that on a TV screen. The atmosphere of the post was such that fans came to the conclusion that Lil is not going to tie the knot with anyone in the nearest future.

However, true love often happens unexpectedly, and the charming actress is not very likely to stay single for a long time. By the way, the beautiful actress possesses a really irresistible charm and can look very hot. Lilan Bowden height is about 5 feet and 7 inches (about 170 cm); she is slender and toned.

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Here we have a chance to take a look at some Lilan Bowden hot pictures and enjoy the beauty and radiant attraction she possesses.

Rare women look good with daring undercuts on their heads. Lil is one of those ladies who look perfect with any hairstyle!

So playful and sweet, and how much appeal there is in her deep eyes! This charm is impossible to resist.

She looks so young and fresh and attractive with that smile, and just so tender!

Lil looks so serious and, at the same time, so cute here sitting in this posture that emphasises her slenderness.

She is one of those happy women who look stunning no matter what is going on their heads.

Lilan Bowden may not be among the brightest Hollywood celebs with their millions, luxurious mansions and worldwide fame. Still, she has enough zest and beauty to work with for a bigger and broader recognition. After the popularity of “Andi Mack,” the actress has already attracted the attention of film producers. Hopefully, the prime of her fame is still ahead, and she is going to catch it any time soon!

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