Errors in the Bible explained

Errors in the Bible explained

Quite often, if you turn to the experts on the Gospel and try to clarify the date of certain events, some confusion necessarily arises. In the Gospels, there is no indication of a particular year or time that does not contradict the historical approaches. Some of these errors in the Bible are explained in this article.

Errors in the bible explained
Errors in the bible explained
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Historical errors in the bible

We suggest starting with the date of Christ’s birth, and then, perhaps, every believer will say that there is a specific date, since the years are counted from the date of Christ’s birth. Plus, the public statements are that this happened during the reign of King Herod.

And so let's clarify this moment. Christ was born 1958 years ago. King Herod, who wanted to kill him, died 1962 years ago, that is, four years before the birth of Christ. Accordingly, it is impossible that Herod and Christ both live at the same time.

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Place of birth of Jesus Christ

On the question of where Christ was born, the answer is one - the city of Bethlehem, according to the Gospel. Nevertheless, his parents were from Nazareth. According to the Gospel of Luke, in those days according to the decree of Caesar, a census was conducted, and each was ordered to return to the city from where his kind originated, to be noted in the list of the population of the town.

Ancient city
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Then Joseph and Mary went from Nazareth to Judea, to the city of David, which they called Bethlehem. At first glance, everything is described precisely, and the ruler is indicated indeed at which the census was taken and from which city Joseph and Mary left. However, there is a whole series of errors at this moment, described in the Gospel.

List of scientific errors in the Bible

The period to which the official church refers to the birth of Jesus Christ (during the reign of King Herod), Quirinius was not the ruler of Syria. The last rulers of Syria during the lifetime of Herod were:

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  1. Putridius Septicus
  2. Publius Quinctilius Varus

The census which was described above, and which was made on the orders of the governor in Syria, did not occur in Judea in that period. The earliest mention of the census in Judea was held in the 7th year. This census had nothing to do with the registration of population. It was a census of property.

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There was never a law or requirement that people were obliged to come to the place where their kind originated. The census was always held at the home where the person lived. This was due to the fact that for the Roman government it was especially important to establish property tax rates.

Errors in Bible
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Moreover, it helped to understand what kind of property was held by a person, as well as where this person lives. Accordingly, an instruction to arrive at the place where your kin came from was erroneous and does not make sense, since a person could not bring all his property and land with him.

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It is also a well-known fact that the city of Nazareth in the 1st century AD did not exist at all. Consequently, the parents of Jesus could not come there for a census and much less come from this city.

Judgment of Jesus

After the trial by the high priest, Christ was led to the Roman procurator Pontius Pilate and demanded of him to execute the Christ. Pilate, for his part, decided to understand what his atrocities were. After analyzing that Jesus called himself the king of the Jews, Pilate said that this could not be a reason for the death penalty and wanted to let Christ go free. And here again a series of historical mistakes is revealed:

  • Pontius Pilate was indeed the procurator of Judea, but he did not live in Jerusalem, but far away from this place, in a city called Caesarea.
  • The self-proclamation of the king of the Jews was also a severe violation since from the point of view of Pontius Pilate, and only Caesar could be the only ruler of those lands.
  • The custom of setting the criminal free during the celebration of the Easter holiday never existed.

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Death of Jesus Christ

Crucifixion of Christ
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Death of Jesus should also show us a series of errors associated with both the court and the death.

According to the Gospel of John, on the night of Passover, Jesus was seized and brought to the high priest's house to conduct his trial. However, this is impossible, since the court in that historical period could only be undertaken by an official of the Roman Empire on this earth.

Also, according to Jewish traditions, it was forbidden to judge at night, as well as on the eve of holidays and during them.

In the Gospels, it is often repeated that the high priests held the judgment. Meanwhile, according to the laws and rules described in the Old Testament, at that time, there could be only one high priest.

The Gospels also describe the Roman soldiers who participated in the crucifixion of Christ. However, the fact is that at that time there could not be Roman soldiers in Jerusalem. The point is that only decades later after the suppression of the Jewish uprising, namely, in the 60s of our era, a garrison of Roman soldiers came to Jerusalem.

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Crucifixion of Christ

Death of Christ
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The description of the execution by crucifying a person also cannot be as described in the Bible. According to the Roman custom, the criminal was crucified not on a cross, but a pole with a crossbar. It is also important to note that the hands and feet were not nailed to the pole but just tied. In that case, a man he died not from wounds, but hunger and thirst. If hands and feet were nailed, because of the weight of the body, the nails would tear the flesh, and the body could not be kept on the cross.

How significant is a list of errors in the Bible?

In fact, regarding the age of the ancient text, it is rather difficult to evaluate it from a historical or scientific point of view. Such errors are often found in ancient texts, including religious ones. And none of the scientists and historians are wasting time identifying such errors and inconsistencies.

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Especially because millions of people base their lifestyles on the Bible, they do not attach any importance to such mistakes. The Bible itself is a spiritual book, and it is called, not to show exact dates, but to inspire and develop the inner world of a person, leading him to save his soul and the souls of those around him.

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