How to boil meat quickly: useful tips

How to boil meat quickly: useful tips

Almost every day we prepare food using meat. One of the most common ways of cooking meat is boiling. Nevertheless, do you know how to boil meat quickly? Or how to cook meat in order to make it juicy and soft? Read this article to know all the cooking tips!

Broth beef

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Very often, the time required to cook meat primarily depends on the type of meat that you boil. Beef, pork, and lamb are cooked the longest. Nevertheless, the fastest meat to boil is chicken and rabbit meat.

The age of the animal also affects the time required for stewing meat. For example, young beef is prepared much faster than the flesh of an old animal. The thing is that the younger the animal, the softer its meat will be.

If you want to make the process of meat boiling as quickly as possible, then be sure to choose young meat when you buy it. The flesh of old animal can be distinguished by color, it is darker and more rigid, and the young meat looks slightly reddish. It is also essential that the meat has a pleasant and fresh smell, it does not stick to the fingers.

How to cook meat quickly

Just remember that the main factor that affects the cooking time of meat is its weight and size. For example, if you prepare a whole rabbit, then cooking will take about two hours, but if you cut it into pieces, then the cooking time will be only 40 minutes.Different types of meat need different cooking times.

How to boil beef

The approximate cooking time for beef is about an hour and a half if you take a whole piece weighing about 1 kilogram. However, cutting the meat to pieces the cooking time is reduced to 40 minutes. There is an even faster way to boil beef. To do this, use a slow cooker or pre-apply a small amount of lemon juice or vinegar to the meat.

How to boil meat quickly

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In order for tough meat to boil faster, it is necessary to salt it at the very end, when it is almost ready.

How to boil chicken meat

If you boil the whole chicken, then it may take from 40 to 120 minutes. However, if you cut it into pieces, then cooking meat can take only 20 minutes. This is one of the best ways how to cook the meat quickly. However, it is essential that the meat should be young and fresh.

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How to boil goat meat

Goat meat

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Boiling is probably the easiest way to cook goat meat. However, when boiling goat meat, it is necessary to take into account some nuances, namely:

  • goat meat is prepared for more than two hours, and only if you buy the flesh of a young goat, then cooking will take from 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • in order for the meat to be soft after cooking, the goat should be under the age of two months.
  • after the 1st broth boils, it should be drained, and the meat should be boiled again to get rid of the specific smell.
  • meat must be salted only at the end. Otherwise, it will be very tough.

If you still use the meat of an old animal for boiling, you should definitely soak it in water or marinade for several hours. During cooking, you can also add bay leaf, rosemary, and onion, and then the smell will mostly be pleasant.

How to boil pork meat

The meat should be soaked in water for some time before cooking pork. If you plan to boil the pork for broth, then soak the meat with cold water, and if you plan to use the meat for salad or other dishes, then you will need to salt the water lightly.

Boiling meat by chef

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When choosing pork for cooking, it is advisable to buy soft pieces or meat of a young animal. In this case, cooking pork will take only 40 minutes. When the meat is almost ready, add some salt.

How to boil meat Nigerian style

If we talk about the features of boiling meat in Nigerian style, then the main rule is to add the stock cubes to the meat, as well as finely chopped onions. Thus, the meat should remain in that marinade for about 10 minutes before it will be boiled.

Each type of meat has its own characteristics when cooking. If don’t know how to boil meat of a certain type, still be sure to take into account both the age of the animal and the size its cut into. The easiest way to check the readiness of meat is to use a knife or a cooking needle.

You must try to pierce the meat in its widest part. If the knife is easy to pass meat fibers, the meat is cooked, and the broth can be turned off. If pink liquid flows from the puncture site, then the meat must be boiled a little more.

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