Top 5 Google free certification courses list in 2018

Top 5 Google free certification courses list in 2018

Do you know Google free certification courses list 2018? These courses include everything from digital marketing to the development of Android applications. After the completion of these courses, you will not only receive knowledge but will also get a certificate.

Google certification courses list

Google free online certification courses: Top 5

We have prepared for you the 5 most interesting and popular online software courses. Keep reading and choose the one that suits your needs.

1. Digital Marketing

  • Cost: Free
  • Timeline: Self-paced

This course will give basic knowledge of internet marketing and help those who want to get comfortable in the digital world. Brand managers will understand how to promote their brands online and what they need to know about digital as an effective communication channel. They will also know how to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and what to expect from agencies. Students will also learn about the benefits of targeted advertising and deal with all the associated problems.

The course came in the form of the Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC). The students formed teams of three to six people and developed an online advertising strategy for the client’s business or non-profit organization. All educational materials remain free on the site.

After completing the course, students will need to pass 2 AdWords exams to become an AdWords Certified Specialist. The exam is optional but recommended.

According to, the average salary for a digital marketing specialist in 2018 is $67,230 per year. The demand for talented people in the field of digital marketing is 56 percent, but the active supply is only 24 percent. You definitely should give a try. It is a great opportunity to get valuable knowledge for free.

How to choose the course?

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2. Android development for beginners

  • Cost: Free
  • Timeline: Approximately 2 weeks

Android is one of the most popular and most promising operating systems for various mobile devices. The system offers very convenient tools and maximum flexibility of settings. It allows each user of a smartphone or tablet on Android to customize it with their needs.

You can take the course for free, but only on the Udacity platform. Since this course is for beginners, the training program is aimed at people who do not have experience in coding and developing similar applications. If you are a blogger or have an online store and want to grow your business, this course is exclusively for you.

The course includes five disciplines such as User Interface, User Input, Multi-Screen Apps, Networking, and Data Storage. When you finish studying them, you will be able to create an Android application.

The average annual salary of the Android developer according to Glassdoor is $97,986. Of course, if you want to get more, you need to have experience. Therefore, this desire will beat a path to a well-paid career.

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3. Application monetization

  • Cost: Free
  • Timeline: Approximately 1 month

Application development is expensive. So every developer or publisher would like to cover small production costs. And it will be perfect to get a decent profit from games or utilities. That is why it is so important to monetize your applications. The primary source of income for many companies is advertising on the Internet. Lack of a successful monetization strategy slows their development.

The course is free and also runs on the Udacity platform. Here you can get not only a theory but also real examples. This course will help you come up with your own monetization strategy and apply it.

For example, the average annual salary of a senior employee of Twitter or Facebook is at least $120,000. Some receive over $180,000.

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4. Mobile Web Specialist

  • Cost: Free
  • Timeline: Self-paced

Once we used only computers to have access to the Internet. Today we can access the Internet from all possible devices. However, they cause many problems for their developers. Mobile web specialist is a person who develops software applications for various mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Now is the right time to master this profession. You should only have an interest in mobile applications and a desire to learn this promising and highly paid profession. The advantage and uniqueness of the mobile web specialist profession is that everything depends on you: having an initially good idea and correctly turning it into the world of mobile technologies, without investing resources, you can quickly create an international project similar to Instagram and become a millionaire.

You will know how to write codes and more other things. After graduation, you will receive the official certificate of Google. But firstly, you will need to pass the exam, which consists of two parts. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a qualified specialist is $88,488.

Online learning for you

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5. E-Commerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions

  • Cost: Free
  • Timeline: 2 to 4 hours to complete

According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of an e-commerce analyst is $110,232. The course is divided into three blocks, which include 15 lessons. In the first section, you will learn about the introduction to e-commerce analytics. The second section describes how to understand your customers, and the third section is about understanding shopping behavior.

This course requires a good understanding of Google Analytics, so beginners need to complete a beginner course first.

Google online courses

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We have given you the five most popular Google courses list, but there are more out there. Some of them only take a few hours to complete. Choose your course and become an excellent specialist.

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