World French speaking countries and their capitals

World French speaking countries and their capitals

Do you speak French? Have you ever thought about all the French speaking countries and their capitals in the world? We all know how some languages are widely spoken in some parts of our planet than others. Since French is extremely popular in Africa, let us talk about the major Francophone countries not just in Africa but also across the globe.

World French-speaking countries and their capitals

French-speaking countries

It is predicted that French will be spoken by over 750 million people in 40 years from now, according to the report shared by OIF (the abbreviation stands for the International Organization of La Francophonie).

Even though these days French is not used as the official language of diplomacy, OFI assures that more than 270 million people (both native and secondary speakers) speak it, and this makes this language one of the top 6 most spoken languages in the world.

What are the official French-speaking countries and their capitals? How many territories use it as their official language?

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29 countries use French as their primary (official) language. They are also called francophone countries. What are their names?

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French-speaking countries and their capitals in the world

List of French speaking countries in the world and their capitals

Before we list all the countries by continents (Europe, Africa, the rest of the world), we should note that these days French is one of the working languages used in NATO, FIFA, World Trade Organization, and some other major organizations.

However, it is used at the official level only in the countries listed below.

Francophone countries in Africa

Even though French is mainly associated with France and Europe, the majority of speakers live in Africa. More than 100 million Africans can speak this language.

Below, you can see a list of countries in Africa with francophone population:

  1. Cameroon – Yaounde (capital)
  2. Benin – Porto Novo (capital)
  3. Chad – N’Djamena (capital)
  4. Burundi – Bujumbura (capital)
  5. The Democratic Republic of Congo – Kinshasa (capital)
  6. Niger – Niamey (capital)
  7. Central African Republic – Bangui (capital)
  8. Guinea – Conakry (capital)
  9. Mali – Bamako (capital)
  10. Gabon – Libreville (capital)
  11. Comoros – Moroni (capital)
  12. Togo – Lome (capital)
  13. Ivory Coast – Yamoussoukro (capital)
  14. Madagascar – Antananarivo (capital)
  15. Equatorial Guinea – Malabo (capital)
  16. Seychelles – Victoria (capital)
  17. Djibouti – Djibouti (capital)
  18. Senegal – Dakar (capital)
  19. Burkina Faso – Ouagadougou (capital)
  20. The Republic of the Congo – Brazzaville (capital)

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These 21 countries in Africa are called ‘francophone’ because they all use French as their official language.

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President of France and children

President of France Emmanuel Macron; photo:

French speaking countries in Europe

The estimates hint that French is spoken by approximately 12 percent of people from Europe as their mother tongue, and about 40 percent of Europeans are secondary speakers. They mainly live in the following countries:

  1. France – Paris (capital)
  2. Belgium – Brussels (capital)
  3. Switzerland – Bern (capital)
  4. Monaco – Monaco (capital)
  5. Luxembourg – Luxembourg (capital)

These are the 5 French-speaking territories in Europe where the language is the official one.

List of French speaking countries and their capitals

Other Francophone countries in the world

Not only European and African countries set French as their primary or one of the official languages. Some countries in America and Oceania also use it as their official language of communication:

  1. Canada – Ottawa (capital)
  2. Haiti – Port-au-Prince (capital)
  3. Vanuatu – Port Vila (capital)

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You have learned the list of French-speaking countries in the world and their capitals. While there are only 29 countries that have made French the language of their documents and official communications, more than 80 other countries in the world either teach or use French in their communities as well.

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