List of world French-speaking countries and their capitals

List of world French-speaking countries and their capitals

French is one of the world's most widely spoken languages and the official language of tens of nations. People who speak French fluently are known as Francophones. Below is a list of the top world French-speaking countries and their capitals.

francophone countries and their capitals
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Do you understand French? Have you ever considered all of the French-speaking countries and capitals worldwide? We have all heard some languages are more widely spoken in certain parts of the world than others. Given the popularity of French in Africa, discussed below are the major Francophone nations in Africa and around the world.

French-speaking countries and their capitals

French is the official language of 29 nations around the world. La Francophonie includes most French-speaking countries and many former French colonies. These days French is one of the working languages used in NATO, FIFA, the World Trade Organization, and other major organizations. Below is a list of countries that speak French.

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List of French-speaking countries in Africa and their capitals

Even though French is mainly associated with France and Europe, most speakers live in Africa. More than 100 million Africans can speak this language. Below is a list of French-speaking countries in Africa.

BeninPorto Novo
The Democratic Republic of CongoKinshasa
Central African RepublicBangui
Ivory CoastYamoussoukro
Equatorial GuineaMalabo
Burkina FasoOuagadougou
The Republic of the CongoBrazzaville

French-speaking countries in Europe and their capitals

French speaking countries in Europe and their capitals
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According to estimates, approximately 12% of Europeans speak French as their mother tongue, and approximately 40% of Europeans are secondary speakers. Below are nations that speak French in Europe.

France Paris
Belgium Brussels
Switzerland Bern

Other Francophone countries and their capitals

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Not only European and African countries set French as their primary or one of their official languages. Some nations in America and Oceania also use it as their official language of communication:

VanuatuPort Vila

What are the top 3 French-speaking countries?

In terms of population, the top three French-speaking nations in the world are France (over 66 million French speakers), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (over 42 million speakers), and Algeria (over 13 million French speakers).

The above are important details about major French-speaking countries and their capitals. While there are only 29 countries that have made French the language of their documents and official communications, more than 80 countries in the world teach or use French in their communities as well.

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