10 uses of English language in Nigeria

10 uses of English language in Nigeria

English was, is and will always remain one of the most popular languages spoken and taught practically everywhere around the world. Even if you can speak only a little English, you can be assured you will not get lost in whatever corner of the world you find yourself. In this article, we will talk about the different uses of English language in Nigeria.


English language in Nigeria

When Christian missionaries arrived from the UK a long time ago, they introduced western education to Nigerians. Prior to the middle of the 19th century, studies of the English language were informal. Basically, children learned about culture, traditions, and history from older relatives who passed on their knowledge. When education was brought to the official level, it was handled by missionaries who taught English to Nigerians of all ages.

An earlier contribution to the English tradition was made when colonists and slavers invaded the West African coast in the 18th century. Records on culture and traditions documented during this period are still obtainable to this day. Several local dialects of English language was adopted by the locals to make communication simple and convenient.

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When the British entered the territory of Nigeria in 1841, the question of language was considered very seriously. English became the link between the native inhabitants and guests. It so happened that the hosts had to accept the language of their guests because the British did not consider the local dialects by different ethnic groups practically applicable and convenient for use.

By 1882, English had become well known by representatives of the elite and their children. It became the main educational channel, thereby receiving a public status. It began to be used in corporate organizations, schools, malls and airports. At the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th centuries, laws were issued in the country affirming English as Nigeria’s official language.

10 uses of English language in Nigeria

The role of English language in Nigeria: top 10 uses

The study of languages spoken around the world is becoming more and more popular every day. Some people learn them for work, others simply because they receive immense pleasure from the learning process, thus turning this activity into their hobby. We will list 10 reasons that should encourage everyone to learn how to speak English.

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1. Self-development

What most people do every day is go to work to perform their usual duties, and after work head back home to perform household chores or go meet with friends; very few of them find time to study. After graduation from school and university, our brain starts to work in a relaxed mode because it no longer needs to memorize many new terms or process a lot of information, and as a result, it begins to relax in a way.

Nothing trains our brain better than learning languages. After starting a language learning process, in a couple of weeks, you will notice that you have improved your memory and your ability to perceive and systematize information. And in a month, you will become more organized and less lazy.

It also makes you realize it is high time you search for new career opportunities and grow as a specialist.

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Career growth

2. Career growth

Perhaps you currently work as an ordinary manager and do not see the possibility of progress, or perhaps your company does not even require perfect knowledge of English; but the thing is, you don't know what will happen tomorrow. Maybe your friend will propose you to work on a promising project, or you'll decide to change your life and give up the job you hate so much to find a new one which is more interesting and highly paid.

What are we leading to? The knowledge of English will definitely play a decisive role in the development of your career or at least it will be an excellent addition.

A job is only one of the important elements in the life of every person. It is not a secret that knowing how to speak English language has helped many other people within and outside Nigeria to find new friends and even their second half.

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3. Love and friendship

The global network has already expanded the possibilities of communication. In our time it is possible to communicate easily with a foreigner. Pidgin English proficiency helps you make new interesting friends and expand your circle of acquaintances, thereby making life brighter and more beautiful.

Everyone knows that love can find anyone irrespective of their age; it is also important to add that love can find you no matter your city, country, continent or nationality; who knows, you may just end up marrying a foreigner.

You never know where you will meet your destiny: in a store that is around the corner or on the other end of the world. You can't predict whether your soulmate will be your colleague or a romantic Italian, or maybe a serious American or a fair-haired Norwegian.

There are lots of couples from different nationalities and we can say with confidence that it was the knowledge of English that helped these people to find each other and their infinite happiness.

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Knowledge of one of the most popular languages in the world opens borders and gives you an opportunity to travel without problems and confusions.

Safety in travel

4. Safety in travel

Many learn English in order to feel comfortable traveling, to be able to ask for directions, meet new people, and have a good time. This is absolutely fine! But let's also talk about security. If something suddenly happens to you, how will you explain to the doctor what is it that hurts you? And if your child becomes ill, how can you ask for help without knowing the language?

Also, during trips around the new city or country, you should be able to understand what the guide says. You will not get lost in an unfamiliar place because you know the language. You can easily navigate the city, which means that you will know the state better, constantly communicating with its inhabitants. And, finally, in the restaurant, you can order what you like, not poking your finger at a beautiful dish.

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uses of English language in Nigeria

5. An example for your children

To know English is prestigious, that's why so many parents try to send their children to special schools to take language courses or to take private lessons with a tutor.

Would you like your children to speak 2-3 languages? Would you like them to be able to study in international schools and not experience the hardship of learning the language themselves in adulthood? We're sure that your answers are positive. You and only you can serve as an example for your children, and it is you who can help them to learn the language quickly and easily!

It is also worth mentioning that English can help to diversify your leisure and bring more pleasure.

6. Ability to watch your favorite movies without needing subtitles

Having satellite TV gives you the opportunity to watch foreign TV programs. Here again, you can't do this without the knowledge of English. In addition, it is much more interesting to hear the real voices of actors and their intonations than to read subtitles.

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Movies in original

7. Music

You can understand the meaning of your favorite songs, even those in Pidgin English, and even sing them. You will always know what your favorite stars are singing about.

8. Reading necessary technical and professional literature

Unfortunately, only a few literature materials get translated into less popular languages. In addition, such a translation, as a rule, is delayed for a year or two (according to statistics, this is about the amount of time needed for specialized books to be translated), and during this time the information may have lost its relevance. Most websites are also designed in English. Knowledge of the language, even if incomplete, significantly increases your information awareness.

English language

9. A good opportunity to earn money

In the era of the Internet, it is possible to conclude cooperate agreements with people from other countries. Most of the time however, you will need to share your CVs and professional details in English. You can also earn money by translating issues, letters, articles, art and highly specialized works into English.

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10. Memory training

The more you work with your memory, the better it becomes. In this age of information you will really need a good memory, which you can train by learning foreign languages. Even if you believe that you know English language well, you should remember that there is no limit to perfection.


Dear friends, we have talked about 10 main reasons to learn English and there are actually much more of them. Stop telling yourself that you do not have time, that you are busy or that you do not need it. Begin to learn and perfect your English speaking skills and let drastic changes come into your life! Study, develop, meet new people and enjoy all the possibilities English language provides you with.

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