Flirty and funny text messages for girlfriend

Flirty and funny text messages for girlfriend

Here we have examples of some flirty and funny text messages for your girlfriend, or a girl you like. Humor is always a good idea to start the communication, or just to cheer up someone. Let's see the list and choose the best point.

Funny messages


Funny text messages and comments for her

  • Your kind smile heals me. So I don't feel afraid to get sick now, because you are my medicine.
  • I was lucky to find the treasure, I dreamed about it all of my life. I understand this when I look at you, I will keep this treasure and never give it to the bank.
  • Once in a dream I saw a goddess, it was so surprising. And now I look at your photo and guess that it was you. Hope to see you again in the next dream.
  • Have you ever been to Alaska? Oh, me neither, we are so much alike!
  • I look at your photo and think: "It seems like my girlfriend is a new Miss Universe".
  • All my thermometers go wild when I look at you. This is because you are too hot, my baby.
  • If you were a smartphone, you would be called iGorgeous X.
  • I had a dream in which you kissed me. This dream was prophetic, right?

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Cute comments


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  • Let me be your doctor, my honey. You have a high level of beauty, and this is dangerous, so I want to prescribe you bed rest.
  • I look at your photo and think: "My girl, why didn’t you tell me that you are a supermodel?"

Funny text messages on Facebook for her

  • Well, for the next date, I need to find a lifebuoy, to protect myself from drowning in the depths of your eyes.
  • I look at your photos and understand that my dream is to be your mirror, so that I could look at your beauty every day.
  • We are a very beautiful couple, I am a sweet tooth - you are candy. See also: New love quotes for her
  • I listen to the radio, and I have found it surprising that every love song is about you.
  • I'm so hungry every time I see a cutie pie like you.

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Facebook comments


Funny text messages to send a girl on Instagram

  • Leave your house and move to my heart. Rent is free.
  • I need to look in my passport now, because your beauty has deprived me of my memory, and I even forgot my name.
  • You are so bright at this photo, you are like a fragrant flower, and I am a bee! See also: Sweet love messages to your girlfriend
  • You could be called a professional thief because you manage to steal my heart again and again.
  • Hmm, it seems like you are hot enough to melt the ice of my heart.

Funny text messages for her is a great means of communication, as you see, you can use messages and comments to express your feelings in a funny way. So, don’t be shy and type some funny comments to have some playful mood.

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