Hilarious quotes about life

Hilarious quotes about life

Now, you have a wonderful opportunity to see several most intelligent, smart and interesting quotes about life and all the things that happen in it. Our life is full of brilliant moments and hilarious quotes that are able to keep us laughing all day. We just don’t always take time and opportunity to give them some attention or even notice them.

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Some of the smartest quotes about life ever heard

Most people are used to treating their lives too seriously. This is why they find little fun in thinking about it. Still, the brightest of minds of the present time and of the past used to give this matter a lot of attention. The cleverest people were skilled in joking about life and here are some of their sayings.

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  • If a desk that’s cluttered with stuff determines a cluttered mind of its owner, them what does an empty desk determines? – Albert Einstein

We are used to thinking that some sort of disorder in the surrounding things shows the disorder in our minds. For some people, it’s right but not for everyone. Quite often the desire to bring everything to a perfect order leads to forgetting about important things while focusing on minor ones.

  • Accept yourself. Unless you’re a serial murderer. – Ellen DeGeneres

It’s one of the biggest truths of the life. Millions of people are too afraid of accepting themselves the way they are and they live their lives in delusions. The life is too short to hide your true self inside and try to pretend you are somebody else. Of course, the only time when it really makes sense to hide your inner self is if this self is able to harm other people!

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  • When life offers you lemons, take them and squeeze somebody in the eyes. – Cathy Guisewite

We all know the quote about the lemons and lemonade. Still, this approach offers something more interesting than making lemonade. It suggests taking everything that you can grab from the life because even lemons are worth a lot. However, sometimes it makes sense not only to act seriously but also to make fun.

  • False news will be halfway across the globe already when the true ones will only be putting its pants on. – Winston Chirchill

Everyone knows how fast lies spread and how quickly people believe in false information. This is why it’s necessary to be very careful when telling even half-true things. Quite often, it happens that a small sparkle can turn into a big fire.

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  • If you write a book about failure and can’t sell a copy, should it be considered a success? – Jerry Seinfeld

This quote speaks about the perception of success and failure in our minds. Failure is not always a reason to create a tragedy and neither is success always what we want it to be. Sometimes, they both lead to one another. This one is from those witty quotes about life, which you don’t encounter very often.

  • If you open your mind too much, you can cause your brain to fall out. – Lawrence Ferlinghetti

This is one of the funniest quotes about life you ever saw but it has a deep meaning. Many new religions and theories call to people asking them to open their minds for easy believing. But stop! Easy believing means letting everyone put everything into your head. Do you want it? Do you want your brain replaced with all that stuff? If not, protect your mind. A small opening doesn’t prevent the income of knowledge.

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  • I’ve got a wonderful kid. I started speaking about the birds and the bees with him and he told me about my wife and the butcher. – Rodney Dangerfield

Being one of those funny quotes about life that leave you a mood for the whole day, this one shows us what the children’s sincere mind and transparent soul are! This is how easily they can give other people your secrets. Kids are honest like angels but sometimes their honesty can be quite dangerous.

  • You should never miss a chance to shut up your mouth. – Will Rogers

Silence is gold, another brainy quote says. While we see how other people can be quite talkative and annoying, we don’t even notice how we can do the same. Talking less is always better than talking a lot and every opportunity to keep your thoughts inside should be used.

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  • Behind every outstanding man, there’s a woman who rolls her eyes. – Jim Carey

This is only one of the brilliant comedian’s hilarious quotes, yet, it’s one of the most true-to-life. Women often roll their eyes at what men do or say and there’s hardly a better motivation for men to improve their ways. Eventually, those men become great and don’t even think about the women who have made them so great.

  • There’s no reason to take life really seriously. No one will ever get out of this life alive. – Elbert Hubbard

Many people think that they can do a lot in their lives. They work day and night leaving themselves not a minute for simply looking around. Sure thing, survival takes a lot of effort but why strive for something unreachable if the end is the same for everyone? Simply drop off some stress and you will see how beautiful life can be.

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  • Do you know what I prefer most of all in people? Pets. – Jarod Kintz

This is what many people feel about other people but fear to express: that they love animals more than the surrounding crowds of humans. Pets don’t judge, don’t argue and don’t betray. This is why people have them. Pets are always ready to have their part of love and kindness from their owners and it’s enough to make both happy.

  • You should not believe people who are smiling all the time. Their smile is either meant to sell something to you or to show that the person is not quite witty. – Laurell Hamilton

In the modern world, we are used to thinking that people who always smile, have something on their mind and this something is hardly beneficial for us. This is why we are very cautious about people who persistently smile at us. Maybe, there’s a reason for it but it’s sad experience, then.

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  • Women have a purer mind than men. They change it very often. – Oliver Herford

There’s a prejudice that women change their minds very often. Some of them really do but it doesn’t mean anything bad. After all, it’s not about the cleanness of somebody’s mind based on their gender and emotions because both men and women can have a bright quick mind or the opposite.

  • I am able to resist everything in the world except for the temptation. – Oscar Wilde

The temptation to fail a diet, to smoke a cigarette while quitting, to postpone things that should be done and idle about – all this is too sweet to refuse. This is why the temptation is the only thing that many people can’t oppose effectively.

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This is a small collection of lovely and clever quotes abut life that may be interesting to you and your friends. Share the article if you liked it and keep on contemplating on the essence of life.

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