Prayer for love to come back

Prayer for love to come back

In this article, we have prepared for you a prayer for loved one to come back. Here you can see the list of examples to help you in this situation. Feel free to use these quotes or create your own and express your request to Lord.

Prayer for love

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Top prayer to get back lost love

Here you can see the prayer to get back your love, we hope that these examples will help you to express your feelings and ask for help.

  • Today I pray for the most precious person for me. My the most cherished dream is to hug you again. How can I live without my love? Dear Lord, please accept this prayer, and let my love come back.
  • O Lord, my faith is strong, and I know that you can help in any situation. Now I feel terrible because my loved one is gone. I pray to you with a request to return her/him. I promise not to make mistakes anymore.
  • My beloved one is gone, and how can I live now? O Lord, only you can help me, I have the only wish, I want to return my lost love. Please accept this prayer.
Lost love

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  • My precious father, Only you can help me and calm my heart. I pray just for one more chance because I can not stand this pain of separation.
  • I know that I’m not perfect, but I pray for my love to return because there is no seance of life without her/him. I cannot forget my love and hope for your help.
  • My Lord. Here is my sincere prayer. I ask for the most important thing for me, please bring my love back. These relationships were full of happy moments, I just dream to return these times. My Lord, please help me and let her/his heart love me again.
  • I know that you can embody the most important wish, dear Lord. I pray for you to save my love, this is my the only wish. This love was the most precious thing in my life, and now I lost it. Please help me, Lord. See also: Best birthday SMS for girlfriend.
  • My love is gone, and only a dark sky left. I don't know what to do, how can I return her/him? So, I pray you Lord with the ask to help me to return my the most precious person.
  • She/he left, and now my only dream is to return my love back. Now, I ask for help to save our relationship. I was so happy with my love, and now I pray for help and support.
Love prayer

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  • Here is my prayer for lost love to come back. We were so happy together, and I don't know what happened. Why my love left me? O Lord only you can help me now. I'm so lonely without her/him and pray for your mercy to help me, and return my love.
  • O Lord please guide my loved one back to me. I cannot stand this separation. It was my mistake, but I promise to avoid all the wrong things in the future. I pray for one more chance and hope for your help. See also: Heartbreak quotes for her or him
  • My Heavenly Father all I need is to return her/him, and I pray for you to help me. I can be happy only with my love, and now she/he left. What can I do now to return her? I need your help and hope for your mercy.
  • I remember these days when we were together. It was a blessed time, and now I pray for your blessing again. My Lord, all I need is to hug her/him again, to see the eyes of a beloved one again. Please help me to return my happiness, my love.
  • My Lord here is my prayer for love, you know that I love her/him more than life. My beloved person is gone, and I left alone. It is tough time for me, and I pray for you to help me. I don't need anyone else, my only desire is to bring her/him back.
  • Please Lord, open the way for our hearts to restore our love. I can't imagine my life without her/him, and all I need is to save this relationship. Only you can help me, my Lord.

Use this prayer for a loved one to come back and let there be a restoration of your relationship.

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