Cute long distance relationship quotes

Cute long distance relationship quotes

This time we have prepared long distance relationship quotes for couples. Read our list to see the examples of messages for those who are separated by the kilometers. We know that love is stronger than the obstacles.

Happy couple

Cute long distance relationship quotes for her

  • My love, I’m here without you like a sky without the sun, like a bird without flights. Your love inspires me every minute, but I can be happy only when you are with me. You are not here, and the world has become gray and cold for me. I miss you so much, let my love gives you hope and confidence. Let the distance not be an obstacle to our feelings.
  • You are my sweetest and most desirable girl. Now, when there is a distance between us, I feel that I am very happy only with you. I just cannot imagine how I lived before I met you. You are my the most dear person in the world. I already miss you, and look forward to meet you, my love. Let every day bring you luck and success, and fate gives a lot of joy. I dream to see you soon.
  • You are half of my heart, you are the most beloved girl in the world, you are my guardian angel. I love and miss you so much. You are far away now, and the saddens left with me. But I believe that our love is stronger than distance. May the Lord take care of you, hope to meet you soon, love you.
  • I thank fate for such a royal gift. This gift is you my dear and the only girl. I want to whisper to you the most tender and most important words about love. You are the dream of all my life. I miss you, I'm sad, I just can not stand this distance between us. My love is the strongest and the most tender feeling on earth. I will do everything to make you happy, my love. May God give you prosperity and good luck.
Miss you

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  • My love for you is ready to overcome all obstacles, but it is very difficult to deal with this distance. I know that you wait for me and it helps me not to be sad. Let the sky never be covered with the clouds, but only the bright sun shines for you, my only one. Today I saw a dream in which we were together, so I hope to meet you as soon as possible. I dream to hug you and never let you go again.
  • You are my tender flower. You are my kindest and most important person on earth. I feel so good when you're with me, and now, when there is a distance between us, I'm very lonely without you, my love. I miss you every minute, every second, let my love warm you always. The love is stronger than any distance, so I believe that we will meet soon.
  • How beautiful the world is when you are with me, my beloved. I just can not imagine life without you. And now this distance is between us, and I just do not find a place for myself. You are the love of my life, you are my joy and my happiness. Let there be no obstacles in your path, let the sun shines brightly for you. Remember that I love you, my girl.
  • I miss your tender voice, your beautiful smile, and sweet lips. You are for me, dear, like the light in the window, like the warm ray of a gentle sun. I love you, my beloved, and I want to be with you for all my life. I believe that the distance is not an obstacle for love. I wait for new letters from you and hope to hug you as soon as possible.
Distance love

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  • My the most tender, the most affectionate, the most kind and the only girl. I feel the inspiration when thinking about you. You are my second half, and I just can not live without you. I believe that the distance will make our relationships even stronger. May the angel protect you from evil, be cheerful, and happy. I miss you and love you.
  • My sweetest girl, to live without you is like living in the desert. You are a gift of destiny for me. Life dictates its rules, and there is a distance between us. But do not worry, my sun, it's not for a long time. My love will always be with you. I miss you and dream to hug you again. I just want you to know that my love is always with you.

Cute long distance relationship quotes for him

  • My most beloved man in the world! You know that you are the most precious person for me. I want to grow wings of love and fly to you. It is terrible to be without you, but our love helps me to overcome this obstacle. I miss you, my beloved, every minute. Hope to see new messages from you as soon as possible. Love you and kiss you in my thoughts.
  • My beloved! Here are many kilometers between us, but I want you to be sure about my tender feelings. Nothing is able to make me forget your eyes. In my thoughts, you are with me, I can not wait to see you, my only one! I send you a smile and a tender kiss.

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  • I can not touch you with my hand, I can not look into your eyes, but my heart is connected with yours forever. There are no barriers, between us, and the distance for love does not matter. Our souls are connected by heaven, so the distance is not an obstacle. I believe that we will meet and there will be no more separation in our relationships.
  • My dear, let these lines bring my tenderness and love for you through the distance. You are the light of my life that warms me, even when you are so far away. There are no obstacles for my love because I always think about us, and about the happiness that I will give you when we meet!
  • Love can overcome any distances and obstacles. Love will reach through thousands of miles to your heart with my gentle words, it will destroy all the walls constructed by time, and build reliable bridges between us. Hope to hug you as soon as possible my dear.
  • Distance is not an obstacle! I believe that it strengthens relationships, tests them and the meeting becomes a real reward to those who pass the test and withstand the difficulties of separation. I’m sure that we will overcome all the obstacles. I want you to know that you are my only man, my beloved and I dream about you every day and every night.
  • A silent wave of sadness came to me, I almost hear your tender whisper and see the image of you in my mind. Our love helps me to overcome the sadness of this distance, but my dream is to hug you as soon as possible. I want to hold your strong hand and feel your presence. Miss you, my dearest person.
Love at distance

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  • You are not there, and my heart is full of sadness. I want to see you as soon as possible and hug you tightly. I think about you all the time, and dream to fly to you and stay together. I believe that this time of separation will make our relationships stronger. I’m so thankful for your love, here is my heart for you.
  • I think about you every second. Everything around me reminds me of you. Without you, I can not feel complete, it seems like there is only one half of me. You are my dearest man and I want to give you my love. I hope that you feel it even through the distance. I send you a kiss and hope to see you as soon a possible.
  • My beloved man, there is a distance between us but it is known that the love is much stronger than all these kilometers. I want you to know that I wait for you and my dream is to hug you in the nearest time. Can't wait for new messages from you, miss you.

Feel free to use these long distance relationship positive quotes, and use them to express your feelings.

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