How to apply bronzer: secrets of ideal make up

How to apply bronzer: secrets of ideal make up

We will tell you how to apply bronzer correctly so that your daytime makeup will be perfect natural beauty and the evening one would be perfect for a red carpet.

Bronzer or secrets of make up
Bronzer for ideal make up
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Bronzer should not merge with the skin like foundation does, but create the appearance of a successful weekend on the beach. Therefore, the correct shade should be two shades darker than the natural complexion.

Bronzer will make your face attractive
Bronzer for face sculpturing
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How to apply bronzer on dark skin

Armed with a broad round brush and a bronzer, which is on one tone darker than the colour of your skin, cover a thin layer of face, neck, decolletage, and shoulders. Don`t take too dark bronzer for such application, as the transition zones cannot be made invisible. If you are planning a make-up using contouring technique, then apply the bronzer on the face as follows:

  • With a fine brush, mark two lines along the nose to make it more elegant. If the nozzle isn`t precisely flat, try to keep the line straight, to correct the curvature. If you want to shorten it visually, walk on the tip and to narrow the excessively full nose, tint the wings.
  • Too high forehead can be corrected by the darkening of its upper part, and for the correction of a broad forehead, it will be necessary to apply a bronzer on the side areas.
  • Bronzer's highlighting of the zone under the cheekbones will help to emphasise the cheekbones, make them higher, and the face less round. To do this, pull in your cheeks, like making a fish face, and darken the resulting cavities. Move from temple to nose, since it is necessary to apply bronzer with maximum intensity in peripheral areas.
  • Apply bronzer to the chin only for those who want to shorten the face visually. To make the lower jaw less massive will help the bronzer band at the corners of the lower jaw.

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How to choose perfect bronzer?

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The contours of the face for everyone is unique. So you should optimally take into account the features of your face when creating makeup. For example, professional make-up artists use two techniques that are suitable in most cases:

  1. The effect of tanning will help generate a method in which the primary layer of bronzer is applied to the area of ​​blush with a broad brush. After that, there will be little remedy on the nap, which should be distributed around the face with circular motions of the brush.
  2. The standard method for how to apply a bronzer on the dark skin involves drawing on the face the number "3". Start moving the brush from the middle of the forehead, along the hair line to the temples. Then mark the strip along the cheekbone to the wings of the nose and from the side of the cheek along the edge of the lower jaw and blend well the contour.

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Bronzer or secrets of ideal make-up

How to apply bronzer and blush together

Despite the striking difference for the application, these have much in common. Apply bronzer and blush is necessary to give freshness and correction of the shape of the face. Learn the methods for applying blush and bronzer below.

  • The square face will become softer when applying the bronzer on the lateral borders of the forehead and the angle of the lower jaw. The blush should be put on the forehead centre, the back of the nose, and the chin. If desired, highlight the area of ​​the cheekbones.
The secrets of how to make face form with bronzer
Bronzer for face form
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  • The elongated face will become more harmonious if the bronzer is applied along the contour of the chin, and also on the border of hair line on the forehead. Be sure to lighten the cheekbones and the area under the eyebrows.

The triangular face requires darkening of the cheek bone areas, and the blush should be applied to the chin and the back of the nose.

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Don`t forget to emphasise the cavity above and below the collarbone with bronzer, as well as the contour of the breast, if they are not covered with clothing. Ads radiance to the clavicles, the top of the shoulders and chest.

How to apply bronzer and blush together?
Bronzer and blush for ideal make-up
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The method of applying bronzer is simple and straightforward, and it doesn`t require any special knowledge, skills, or even any experience. And it is recommended to use a bronzer and blush in the form of powder, so it will be much more comfortable and easier to achieve a beautiful result. But even if the bronzer you have is creamy, the blush still should be crumbly, it gives natural velvety skin and also provides the effect of radiance from the inside. Use our advice and be beautiful!

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