Women did not come from men’s ribs - Lady reveals why she left Christianity

Women did not come from men’s ribs - Lady reveals why she left Christianity

The same way some people believe in God some are also traditionalists, these set of people do not practice Christianity or Islam. Most importantly, everyone has tried to uphold what they believe in without stepping on each other’s toes.

A young lady and feminists has taken to social media to reveal why she dumped Christianity. Identified as Nkechi Bianze, she said she does not understand why the bible would rank men above women as it propagates inequality of both genders.

Bianze disclosed that there is absolutely no way she would belong to such an ideology, adding that if anyone successful proves her wrong on this she would gladly become a Christian again.

Women did not come from men’s ribs - Lady reveals why she left Christianity

Nigerian feminist Nkechi Bianze reveals why she left Christianity. Source: Nkechi Bianze
Source: Facebook

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Her post reads: “The MAIN reason I left Christianity is because I came to understand that the Bible ranked men above women... it propagates inequality of the genders. This was so in contrast with my feminist ideology. An ideology I hold so dear. There's absolutely no way on earth that I would belong to an ideology that tells me that I'm inferior to any man; or one that propagates gender inequality in any way, shape or form, or one that says that any man is my head just because he owns a penis. No f*cking way! No one owes me any proof or explanation, I know. But if anyone can prove to me (using the Bible) that the Bible/Christianity is not against equality of the genders, I will become a Christian again TODAY! This is a mini thread. Come with me. I intend to drive a conversation and spark a debate. Go inside the post and read my comments as we go. I’m not ready to put up with nonsense on this post. If you haven’t got the brain to put up an argument but resort to insults, I will block you and delete your comments. I won’t waste my time arguing sh*t with you.

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Bianze did not end there but further disclosed that people should not believe that women were actually created from men’s ribs.

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