Best lunch food items for weight loss

Best lunch food items for weight loss

Looking for a healthy diet? People joke that women who eat whatever they want and yet do not get fat are, witches. But even if you do not belong to this category of ladies, do not be sad. You can easily find harmony with your body too. In this article, we will tell you how to lose weight quickly and also about foods for weight loss fast.

Best food for lunch for weight loss

Well, if we forget about jokes, can you really eat enough and not only not get fat, but lose excess weight? It turns out, you can!

No, of course, getting loosing weight while continuously eating hamburgers, fried potatoes and cakes, is not possible without the help of black magic. But still, you can become slim even without a hunger strike! The best way to lose weight is to stick to a healthy diet.

How to lose weight naturally?

  1. So, what can you eat for lunch for weight loss? Any raw, cooked, stewed or baked vegetables, including potatoes (but fried in cream or vegetable oil - in no case), meat, fish, poultry cooked in the same ways. In the afternoon you can eat only rye bread, and it is better to replace it with dietary crunches. As for a dessert you can eat fruit. It is necessary to drink water,coffee/tea, a glass of freshly squeezed juice is quite welcome, but they are not counted as water.
  2. Cheese in quantities of up to 50 grams per meal is not prohibited throughout the day. Diary products (yogurt, etc) without additives, but it is better to use it as a supplement to the main meal, and not in between. So, as a dessert, you can also eat normal-fat yogurt without additives.
  3. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you should not consume canned food because you need absolutely no extra salt, preservatives and sugar.
  4. Mayonnaise, sour cream and other sauces (even self-made) in large quantities during lunch are undesirable. What then to fill a salad with? Try lemon juice with condiments or vinegar. It is also allowed to use a small amount of vegetable oil (any you can find). Such sauces as ketchup, mustard are not forbidden, but you can use them only in small quantities, because they contain sugar.
  5. You need to eat lunch at the standard time, depending on your needs, from about 12 to 15. For lunch, you can eat soup or a salad - for one meal. But all of them should be comparable among themselves according to the lists of products. For example, if there are potatoes, pasta, beans, corn, potato in the soup, it should be boiled on the water.
weight loss


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The most common questions about products

In the afternoon, you can eat rolls and sushi (except fried), but not too much of them, because they include white rice, which is not recommended for people who want to lose weigt; canned fish (the exception among canned products) only in its own juice.

All the allowed cereals cannot be cooked on milk, because sweet or unsweetened porridges cooked on milk can contribute to weight gain. If you have a normal digestion, allow yourself such breakfast or lunch. If you have no idea about your condition, go to a nutritionist, only then you can ask questions 'How do not I lose weight?'. You can cook the porridge on the water, then add some milk.

The optimal percentage of fat content of dairy products is 5-6%.

Soup for weight loss

Soup for weight loss

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Do not give up your favorite soups. After all, they improve the work of the stomach and accelerate the digestion of food, preventing it from being stored in fat. By the way, you can use the vegetarian broth, since it's tasty and it also significantly reduces the number of calories consumed for lunch - after it, you do not eat more than you need.

Soup saturates well, but not for long. If you absolutely can not do without it, we advise you to reduce the regularity of including it in the menu up to 3-4 times a week. Also, give preference to soups not made with meat broth.

Since potatoes and pasta cannot be mixed with meat, fish, chicken, and seafood, the choice of foods should be treated very carefully.

Weight loss foods

weight loss foods

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  • Celery and ginger. They sccelerate metabolic processes. Therefore, a fresh note of celery or a sharp ginger bitterness in a fruit, vegetable or meat dish will not only be appropriate but also useful for the shape.
  • Black pepper. This spice is one of the most effective in the splitting of fat.
  • Meat products for fast weight loss: boiled or braised rabbit meat, white chicken, and turkey meat. These dietary types of meat are not only low-calorie, low-fat, but also very useful. Especially the rabbit one, which is considered the most valuable dietary product, is 90% absorbed in our body (beef - only by 60%) and at the same time it contains the most protein and unsaturated fatty acids, as well as a mass of trace elements, vitamins, and 19 amino acids. And it never causes allergies.
  • Broccoli. It contains chrome, which reduces the pathological cravings for sweets. Just one cup of boiled broccoli a day is enough to provide yourself with a daily dose of chrome.
  • Water. If you drink at least 2.5 liters of fluid, the metabolism will improve.

Never eat watching TV. Otherwise, your brain will connect these two actions to each other and you will always be chewing when a television series or football match is on. And you'll eat more than you need. Always eat slowly - so the food will be better absorbed, and less food will be required. Do not be afraid to get up from the table half-hungry - the signal of saturation goes to the brain after 20 minutes, so that the feeling of satiety will catch up with you, but a little later.

food for lunch for weight loss

Alas, some gastronomic restrictions still have to be considered. But, fortunately, there are very few products forbidden to a person that wants to lose weight. It is necessary to forget about spicy and salty snacks which stimulate allocation of gastric juice, and, hence, appetite. Also forget about food with preservatives which is not only poorly absorbed, but also prevents other food.

So salty and canned foods, along with fatty sausages and pies, in which there is an excess of salt and hidden fat, are now your enemies! Ready sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise, and others) will not help you too. And also say goodbye to alcohol.

You can eat sweets or any dish you want to eat very much, but only using tiny portions. By the way, get yourself small plates and saucers, so as not to put too much.

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