Health benefits of cashew fruit in pregnancy

Health benefits of cashew fruit in pregnancy

Some future mothers are wary of nuts, missing health benefits of cashew, as there is an opinion about the dangers of nuts when carrying a child. There is no unambiguous evidence for this assumption since every case of intolerance to cashew fruit is individual. Therefore, without clear arguments and contraindications, it is not necessary to exclude cashews from your diet, because this delicacy can be useful not only for the health of a woman but also to support the normal development of the baby.

Health benefits of cashew fruit in pregnancy

Health benefits from cashew nuts

Nuts are nutritional and valuable for the body composition. The content of various natural compounds is balanced. Under the condition of the correct intake of cashews, it will make up for the lack of many substances. The main ones are:

  1. Vitamins. The greatest amount contained vitamins are of group B, as well as A, PP, E, K, D.
  2. Mineral substances. The complex of macro and microelements includes potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iodine, selenium and other compounds.
  3. Fatty acids, including Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.
  4. Amino acids, proteins, starch, natural sugars, fiber.

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The main composition of the compounds contained in cashew is given, but there are a number of other elements but in a smaller quantity. The complex of all substances allows using nuts with the benefit not only for nutrition but also in cosmetics, especially for medical purposes.

health benefits from cashew nuts

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Health benefits of cashew nuts during pregnancy

Unlike other types of nuts, cashews have the most balanced composition, which helps maintain the health of the future mother and baby. Get the following benefits from nuts:

  1. Prevention of anemia or low hemoglobin, which is a frequent phenomenon in pregnancy.
  2. Stabilization of pressure at inflated rates.
  3. Strengthening blood vessels, muscle fibers. Reduces the likelihood of seizures, numbness in legs.
  4. Prevention of avitaminosis, a deficiency of minerals necessary for the normal development of the future baby and the normal state of the mother.
  5. Maintaining and strengthening bone tissue in women and the developing fetus.
  6. Natural stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract.
  7. Positive effect on the functions of the heart
  8. Weight control. Cashews are quite nutritious, but they do not contribute to a set of extra pounds.
  9. Maintaining the normal development of the future baby, including through the presence of vitamin E, which is often prescribed in women's clinics, as an obligatory supplement to the nutrition of the mother.
  10. Prevention of gum disease, strengthening of teeth due to antimicrobial action, the presence of a number of trace elements.
  11. The calming effect. With the constant use, you get the withdrawal of nervousness, normalization of sleep, improvement of brain activity, memory.
  12. The general increase in immunity.

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Useful properties of nuts are manifested with regular and correct use, as well as with appropriate quantities. It is not necessary to abuse fruits, it will not only increase the benefits to the body, but it can also become a source of digestive disorders.

health benefits from cashew nuts

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A few side effects of cashew nuts during pregnancy

The real harm from cashew occurs when a person gets allergic reactions to components contained in nuts. The same happens with individual intolerance.

Do not forget about caution if you need to eat cashews in case of serious chronic kidney disease or the presence of stones.

During pregnancy, any poor quality product or feed can harm the health. In this case, there is a risk of poisoning by bacteria, putrefactive microorganisms and other consequences of spoiled nuts.

How to get maximum health benefits of cashew fruit?

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To evaluate the useful properties of cashew nuts, you should follow the following rules:

1. Buy only quality nuts. You can evaluate the product in appearance, structure. Nuts should not be wrinkled, no raids are allowed, especially in the form of mold. The color is light, the surface is smooth. You need to buy purified cashew, preferably already thermally processed.

2. Store them in a closed container in a dark and cool place. An excellent option is a refrigerator or freezer, especially when a significant amount of cashew was purchased for stock. If the nuts lie for a long time, especially in a warm or open place, then such a product no longer fits a pregnant woman.

3. Daily allowance should not exceed 30 grams, this is approximately 15-18 pieces of nuts. It is recommended to divide the portion for a whole day and eat nuts as a light snack. It is also better not to mix with other ingredients or sweets.

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4. For better digestion and maximum benefit, each nut must be thoroughly chewed, it is not recommended to eat the whole handful at once.

5. You need to start with a few nuts, and then bring the portion to 30 grams.

Casualty damage during pregnancy

To prevent unpleasant situations, future mothers can consult with a doctor beforehand.

An important condition for obtaining only the benefits of cashews is to measure them, to monitor the quality and freshness of the nuts consumed. So choose wisely!

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