Largest city in Nigeria by population and land mass

Largest city in Nigeria by population and land mass

There are many big cities in Nigeria. So what is the largest city in Nigeria by population and land mass? Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and Nigeria's population grows every year.

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Nigeria is a multinational and polylinguistic country. Even in neighboring villages, people can speak different local dialects. Religious diversity is also a major characteristic of Nigeria.

The demographic situation of Nigeria

The demographic situation in this country is characterized by high mortality rates. Although, very high birth rates are common in Nigeria also. As a result, the dynamics of the number of residents is positive. Every year, the population of Nigeria increases by an average of one million people. Every day about 9,000 babies are born in the country.

The demographic situation in Nigeria is complicated by a number of serious and urgent problems. Thus, for our country, unfortunately, the high rates of child and maternal mortality are also typical. According to statistics, about 5-6 percent of Nigeria's population is infected with the HIV virus. The average life expectancy in the country is low. It is only 47 years.

But still we have the city-giants. Which one is the biggest?

The largest city in Nigeria by population

lagos city in Nigeria

Lagos: Census 1991 -5 195 247; Assessment 2010 - 9 968 455 people. Metro population - 21 000 000 (worldatlas)

Lagos is the largest city and sea gate of Nigeria. It is located on the shores of the Benin Lagoon and the Lagos Lagoon. The city occupies virtually the entire territory of the same state. Administratively it consists of a huge number of areas that, scattered at great distances from each other, are connected by highways. It is the largest industrial and commercial center of West Africa.

The modern Lagos is the most important transport center. The city's international airport is among the largest and most modernized in Africa, the port of the city occupies an important place in the region. About half of Nigeria's industrial capacity is concentrated in Lagos. At the same time, the environmental situation in Lagos is worrisome.

Huge quarters have absolutely no infrastructure, people live in slums. The central areas of Lagos, where the business and administrative center of the city is located is decorated with breathtaking architecture. There are a lot of skyscrapers here, however, the buildings of the colonial era are also preserved.

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The largest city in Nigeria by land mass

Gusau is one of the largest Nigerian cities by land mass. It is the capital of Zamfara state. This city is located in northern Nigeria, on the banks of the Sokoto and Gusau rivers. It covers an area of ​​3364 km2. This city is one of the industrial centers of Nigeria. It has the main collection points for cotton and peanuts, which are grown in the vicinity of the city.

There are also plants for the production of seed oil, a plant for processing soybeans and a textile plant. Gusau exports cloth, peanuts, tobacco, chicken and goats. Also in the city, people rear cattle, sheep, horses, donkeys and camels.

Nigeria is one of the most densely populated countries on the planet. On the African continent, this country is the absolute leader in terms of the number of inhabitants.

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