Retro: Let's talk about Prophet Daniel Abodunrin who was devoured by lions after he entered their cage in 1991

Retro: Let's talk about Prophet Daniel Abodunrin who was devoured by lions after he entered their cage in 1991

In the year 1991, a certain man named Prophet Daniel Abodunrin took a step that left his name on the lips of every Nigerian as he is still remembered till date.

On that fateful day many years ago, business was going fine at the University of Ibadan zoological garden which is located at the school premises when Prophet Daniel showed up to put the word of God to test.

Prophet Abodurin’s intention was to recreate the biblical story of a young man named Daniel who out of envy was thrown into the lions’ cage without getting mauled. The biblical story has it that God sent down some angels to shut the mouths of the lions.

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It was the story of a Jewish boy in Jerusalem named Daniel who was captured by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon who served in the king’s court until the time of Cyrus, the Persian emperor.

An account of the narrative had it that Prophet Daniel Abodurin walked up to some staffs of the zoo and pleaded to gain entry into the lions’ cage. No one in his or her right senses will give ears to this kind of plea, so the prophet was turned down. But after much disturbance and persuasion, the prophet’s insane wish was granted.

Another said Prophet Daniel Abodurin sneaked into the lion's den. Both accounts said that he gained entry into the den.

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According to reports, Prophet Daniel Abodurin was clothed in a red robe and under his armpit was a big bible. As he entered the cage, he began reciting bible verses and speaking in tongues and calling unto the ‘God of Daniel’ to perform wonders.

Interestingly, as Prophet Daniel got into the den, the lions retreated to a corner, probably wondering what could be going on. As he moved closer to them, the pounced on him and defeated him even as he threw away his only weapon which was his bible.

The prophet’s remains were collected and later buried. That was how Prophet Daniel Abodurin met his bitter and horrible end.

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Many people condemned the prophet for such a bizarre act while others supported him saying the lions were possessed.

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